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Garak belongs in b5


Although strictly a star terk character , It does have some relevance to b5 , So i think this is right . Who here believes that Garak (Andrew Robinson) belongs to babylon 5 ???What i mean is His character is more a jms character init ? especially in the episode "In the pale moonlight"
what do you ppl think ?
Garak was always my favourite character on DS9, brilliantly portrayed by Andrew Robinson. I don't know if he would be a JMS character per se, but he was the epitome of what the Cardassians ended up being- stubborn, devious (treacherous), loyal to their own morals and highly intelligent.

If he were on B5, he would probably have been a Centauri - linked with the Shadows. Or maybe a different slant on the enlightened G'Kar.

Wait a sec - Garak, G'Kar - they sound a lot... Oh, that's on another thread.

Garak is a great character. I love the characters on DS9 because they're very 3-dimensional. Everyone of the "heroes" isn't simply a "good guy" like most of the Star Treks.

Nemesis is supposedly the last TNG movie being made... are they going to do any with the DS9 cast? I've been wondering... and would they do it without Sisko?

at the moment i dont think there will be another star trek film . The way that Enterprise is doing it might not last it`s course . And if they did one on ds9 what would it be about ??
the same thing the babylon 5 film will be about of course

"Star Trek: The Psionics War" - Berman & Braga decide some previousily established races need a little shaking up. The Vulcans, Betazoids, and other telepathic races declare war on the Alpha Quadrant "mundanes" but are faught by a resistence group of mentalists lead by a red-haired female Klingon teep (what, you didn't know they were telepaths? Did B&B forget to tell you about that?). Expect some ships ramming and a sideplot involving the andriod B-4 and a floating penny.

I was joking about the film to come.

When there eventually is a Babylon 5 feature film (and there will be!!!). there will be a DS9 equivalent (I was only joking about it though, not being serious!!!)
I always liked DS9, and the character Garak, among others. The only episodes I really hated were those taking place in the alternate world.
However I really don't see a movie coming out of that series. There is no one with enough "star power" to bring in the masses. That was part of the problem with Nemesis. Only the true ST fan knew these actors. Even Patrick Stewart has long since passed his prime although he may now be better known to the fans because of X-Men.
Yeah, that alternate world got to me. There were also a whole bunch of threads I could have done without... Quark's mom and the Nagus, anything with O'Brien and Keiko and anything involving DS9's Lyta.

B5's Lyta would kick her butt. ;-)

Overall though, its still a very enjoyable show, and IMHO, the best Trek that has been done. Whether or not that's from them borrowing or taking inspiration from B5 doesn't matter to me... although it seems to bother just about everyone else.


Hitchhiker's Guide never would have happened without Monty Python, after all. Its just annoying when people don't admit to taking inspiration.

This is my first post...here goes.

I have always liked Garak. He's such an intriguing character. Has anyone read the novel "A Stitch in Time" about Mr. Garak's life before he arrived at Terok Nor (DS9)? Gives a lot of background on Cadassian society and Garak's life.
Sorry about the typo. ;-) I've watched DS9 but never read how the characters names are spelled, and so forth. ;-)

Lyta is a sexier spelling anyways.
Yep, I read "A Stitch in Time", thought it was very good.

I always liked Garak, too, although it was a big hit upside the head in the episode where several DS9'ers go to the other, abandoned station (Empok Nor). That's the one where Garak is exposed to a drug designed to make Cardassians aggresive, and he kills one or two DS9 crewmembers.

Unfortunately, it's another episode where all they have to do is remove the drug from Garak's system and all is well. He does seem to feel remorse, at least.

well, i have only seen a little bit of DS9. But I did see a couple of eps with Garak in them. And he did look like a very interesting character. And yeah, I could see him fitting into the B5 universe. Quite cool really
That's the one where Garak is exposed to a drug designed to make Cardassians aggresive, and he kills one or two DS9 crewmembers.

And one of them happens to be Marjean Holden.

I've also read "A Stitch in Time". Excellent read. I usually shy away from books written by actors, but Andrew Robinson had a considerable insight into his character. Having all that backstory in his head is probably what made his portrayal so compelling.

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