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Game of Thrones Greenlit for HBO

They'll probably do pretty well on the sets. And the casting, so far as I can tell, is extraordinary (Sean Bean makes everything better, after all). So, as with so many things, it's down to the writing...

Personally, I'd prefer the next book, but hey. Still could be cool. And I will no doubt see it on DVD eight months later, just like everything else.
Last I read, Martin crossed the 1000 page marker recently, which puts him between Clash of Kings and Storm of Swords in length. He says he doesn't want to go over the Storm of Swords mark, so I can assume he's nearing the finish line?
With Crows, his editor stepped in and suggested he split it. From various blog posts, I understand that he's reworked the concept and chornological / geographic boundaries of Dragons already, its no longer a parallel with Crows. I suspect the same thing may happen here. He's also worked his way around a couple of nasty plot elements. I'm hoping we will see it by the end of 2010.

The series getting 10 episodes is great, although 12 were originalyl planned. I just hope they can keep it moving forward. Having it on a network like HBO is great though. The cast is incredible.