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Galactica Season 4 (Spoilers Within)

Reviving this for a quickie.

I had the pleasure of meeting (and taking a picture!) with Katee Sackhoff this week-end at Starcon. During her Q&A session, she talked quite a bit about Starbuck and Galactica. A few things I wanted to mention here:

1. She didn't feel that the way Kara's end was presented/written was fully satisfying. Her last scene with Sam, a lot of that was ad-libbed (and she was delighted they allowed her to get away with it.) She felt that she and Sam needed some kind of resolution--more than was written. So, she winged it with some of the lines at the end, adding in "I love you" and a few other things. She thought that made more sense that when Sam said, "I'll see you on the other side," it meant that when she disappeared, they would be together.

She said that she felt Lee was always just an obsession for Kara, that Sam was her "grown up / true love," and it was important to show that in the end so that her disappearance might have a little more meaning.

She said that when they initially killed Starbuck, Edward James Olmos threatened to quit, that getting rid of a character like that would drop too much morale insofar as the crew of Galactica (and he didn't want Katee to leave!) She had to pretend that Starbuck was "gone" for a few weeks. Finally, she went to Ron and said, "you can't do this to me. You have to tell the crew. They're getting me goodbye gifts and sending these amazing notes."

So, Moore said, "ok, you can tell Eddy (EJO) and that's all."

I thought that was kind of cool.

She also said that the scenes with Mary McD were the ones that she got in trouble with the most because Mary McD is apparently quite the comedian and kept cracking her up. She said it got to the point where they couldn't look at one another because one would start laughing. (She also said that Mary McD was her favorite actor in the show to have a scene with, though it didn't happen often.)

She REALLY liked her scenes with Sam (good kisser!)

She said that during "Acts of Contrition" in season 1 (when she had to tell Adama that she pushed Zack through basic training and he died,) that Eddie was so intimidating that she almost started to cry. She thought he was going to hit her and since the cast wasn't that close at the time, she was really freaked. She said, "when I was about to lose it in that scene, that was ME almost ready to lose it!" Obviously, they got a lot closer over the course of the series and she said he's a bit of a practical joker at times.

Funny moment. She talked about one of the last episodes where Tigh and Adama were given these huge guns (Gaeta and his mutiny,) and the actors were hamming it up so much. They finally had some big-ass guns. They gave Michael Hogan (Tigh) two huge ass guns and someone said, "why give the dude with one eye two guns?" and Hogan busted up laughing so bad that they had to finish the scene the next day.

One of her best friends from the show is Tricia Helfer (Six.) She said the hit it off during the fight between them on Caprica (Arrow of Apollo.) She said "Tricia looks like this poor, girlie, thin little twig, but she kicked my ass. She was beating the hell out of me, actually landing a few kicks/hits. So Katee finally gave her one back and the two have been close since.

She said she has issues with crying on film. She always has to work extra hard at it. Grace Park on the other hand can cry on a dime (of which she is very envious.)

She said, "Kara was definitely the most screwed up character on the show . . . next to Baltar." (snicker)

When asked how she felt about being a role-model, she said, "raise your own kids, folks. I love that girls can see the strength in Kara, but she was a damaged character toward the end. Don't let her drinking and violence and messed-up crap be anything that your kid looks up to." I totally agree with that.

She has a new pilot coming up on NBC:

Katee Sackhoff has been cast as the lead in NBC’s Lost and Found, the Dick Wolf-produced pilot created by Chris Levinson. The hourlong show centers on Tessa (Sackhoff), an offbeat female LAPD detective who, after butting heads with the higher-ups, is sent as a punishment to the basement to work on John Doe and Jane Doe cases.

She will also be in this season of Nip/Tuck. She was supposed to be a recurring character, but dropped Nip/Tuck when the pilot on NBC came along. (Rose McGowan will replace her for the following season.) She said Nip/Tuck was great, but it wasn't in her heart. She didn't "feel it" like she did with the pilot. She was shooting both, I believe and would have had to to double duty.

Seth Green and the guys from Robot Chicken took her to 6 Flags one day. They all dressed up in capes and ran around the park. She said they're awesome fun/amazing guys.

That's all I can remember! Just thought peeps might like some dirt!
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It feels kind of funny to me that they approached the death of Starbuck as some big thing to try to make people think they had really killed the character and I didn't even make it to the end of that episode without thinking that she wasn't actually dead -- though I guess technically, she was dead, but the character wasn't written out of the show, but what I mean is that I had no doubts the character would be back. It seems kinda silly that they really really tried to hype it up at the time as if they had really written the character out of the show.
Thanks for the read, Alluveal.
I like her description of her relationships w/ Lee vs Sam.
She did a tremendous job on BSG and while I wish her the best on her cop show, I hope she doesn't always get typecast as the "tough girl."
Yea interesting read, thanks for the insights. I especially liked her comment about why she (Starbuck) shouldn't be a role model and raise your own kids.