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G´Kar Head Negative for sale


G´Kar Head Negative for sale

Hello Friends, hello Aliens!

In cause of my financially situation i´m forced to sell my negative form from my G`Kar´s Head-Mask.

You`ll get the negative Form plus the plaster stabilising form together!
The negative material is from Smooth On, who sells for the biggest blockbuster projects in movie industry (Jurassic Park, Batman, Terminator.....) and for television series, too (Babylon5, StarTrek,....). It is from extraordinary quality. During my posts at that time you know what you get from me!

You can use Latex, Silicone or many other materials to make the mask positive! There will be no problem. If there are any more questions, goto smooth-on.com

i have tears in my eyes, because i wanted to finish my baby, but it should not be.

I want to get 200 € for the forms.

if interested, please let me know over my email, because i have too much to do and not really time to look every day here.... write email to me : incognito-costumes@email.de

here there are some pics:


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