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From the "Barely on Topic" file:

From the \"Barely on Topic\" file:

I was watching the movie "Ghost" last week, and in the scene where Patrick Swayze first enters Whoopie Goldberg's place of business, there is a turntable playing a scratchy old version of "No Hiding Place"
Re: From the \"Barely on Topic\" file:

I can just see it now, big gust of wind, Whoopi Goldberg opens here eyes and says "Hello Refa..."

Followed by a few minutes later a bunch of Narn poltergheists coming in and trashing the joint.
Re: From the \"Barely on Topic\" file:

"Damn, Refa! Whatchoo done t'yo hair?"

"Do you like it? It's Autumn Sunrise" /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

If you're confused, you'll have to watch it again.

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