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From one to one hundred - how do you rate the movie?


I give it a 90.

I liked the actors/characters, and story and will tune in when it becomes a series. I'm watching the Sunday rerun now.

Thanks Rangers and JMS.

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With one hundred being the highest, call it a 75. Room to improve, yet room to start a series.

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90 out of 100. I found the littles problems SO unsignificant compared to all the qualities. For a pilote, I rarely seen something as good, except maybe for X-Files.

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Somewhere between 85 and 90 - I'll let you know after I watch it again.



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I give it a 80 maybe an 85... there's a few things that need to be improved on, but once we get a series those things will take care of themselves.

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Double-post. Sorry.

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I'd definatly give it a 90%. Only things I didn't enjoy were very minor, but the show itself was fun. It has SO much potential too.

Dulan was pretty kickass imho.

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I give it a 90.

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I give it an 80. Lots of room for improvement!!!! But as a pilot movie, well done. Great music and effects, the acting was good for a pilot, however the set design needs a lot of work. I had trouble feelign the B5 vibe
, esp Minbar. Waht was up with that? Oh well, enough random complaining, I'm looking forward to the further adventures of the Anla'Shok

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Well, assuming 100 is the highest and 1 the lowest
I'll probably say 90. With a 100 for it's worthiness to become a series.

I hope they can keep all of the actors. And hadn't I heard that if Sci-Fi didn't want it, it would get shopped around?

I hope Sci-Fi grabs it SOON!

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7.5 or 75

Which is a very solid rating from me and I think it showed that Rangers has the potential to be a very good series....

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I would have to give it 80-85. I took 5 marks off for the weapons system, and then there were a few other points that didn't work. This all being said, I don't think I could give any of the other telemovies such a high mark. Way to go JMS and Sci Fi.

My score: 59.

I'm sorry I wish I could score it better, but the quality of this movie in some parts is very poor.

If you care to read on there may be some spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet...

First of all, If I was not a B5 fan I would view this show as sort of "cheesy". After all how many times do we have to hear the phrase "We live for the One, we die for the One"? I know how the rangers are willing to die for the cause, but you can really overuse a catch phrase like that.

Then there's the "running away from battle" and the other rangers being mad at David for doing that. Isn't this premise a little weak? At the end of the movie we saw how David didn't need weapons to defeat the enemy, so he redeemed himself in the view of his fellow rangers. But, I kept thinking to myself, I agree with David's "we don't have to die stupidly" remark. So why try to please an organization that has foolish rules about not retreating and saving your entire crew's life? It sounds like John Sheridan's mantra "don't start a fight, but always finish one"--macho talk, but not always practical.

That brings me to the cheesiness (is that a real word?) of this movie. It seems to me that JMS must of wrote this movie quickly while sitting on the toilet. Too many rehashing of phrases like G'kar's "no one here is exactly what they appear" comment. What relevance is that to the plot? The "survivor's guilt" in prominent characters, already used in Sinclair, Marcus, Gideon and now David. Also a "seemingly undefeatable enemy", in "The Hand". Funny, they don't seem to last by the time Crusade started two years later!

I guess I am disappointed in the way that B5 has become as formulaic as other sci-fi shows. The original B5 had sense of intrigue and wonder. Even Crusade had a premise that a viewer could pull for--all life on Earth being threatened.

What does LOTR have? Does it focus on the mysterious "legend" of the rangers? No, instead its appears to be another spacehip adventure with special effects gimmicks plus several bad LA actors to round it out. Does it have a story arc that will make a viewer want to come back for more? This show seemed to be a mix of a pilot and a movie, doing neither well (remember "Thirdspace" and "River of Souls"?--poor movies but at least they were self-contained, not a half-hearted attempt of a pilot). Who are "the Hand"? Who are those dead people on the ship? What is the doorway in the abandoned city? Why should we really care?

I for one wouldn't care because the cast is a bore. JMS is wonderful in characterization, but in LOTR the actors are annoying for the most part. G'kar is good, as always. I enjoyed the David/ Dulann (similiar to Kirk/ Spock) relationship. David is excellent as a captain and likeable. Dulann has character depth and humor for a Minbari. But who else? Sarah--terrible, especially in the weapon scenes. Kitaro--he is a real dope. Na'feel--not a likeable character. Malcolm--okay, yet we haven't seen much of him. I liked Tirk and the Minbari doctor, but there wasn't much depth.

Overall, why would we want LOTR to become a series? Would it pull me in? With a cast change and a finely tuned arc it certainly could. I love B5 and I guess I would watch regardless. Yet a series in the B5 universe could be so much better. To me, Crusade had a lot of potential, good storyline, good cast, I would prefer that Crusade would finish instead of LOTR starting.

Thanks for reading my comments.
'To me, Crusade had a lot of potential, good storyline, good cast, I would prefer that Crusade would finish instead of LOTR starting.'

Yep, but I remember hardcore B5 fans saying the same thing about Crusade - they hated it from the word go (when it really was pretty good).
I'm sure that Rangers will cover the Crusade threads with appearences from Gideon etc.

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I would give it a 92. I agree with other postings, that we saw a very good pilot. Pilots are generally not known for stellar quality. 5 points off for the weapons systems, 5 points off for the repetive catch phrase. I give 2 points back, in consideration of the Great One's effort in writing this gem in 2 weeks.

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