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From JMS NEWS...


This is a couple days old, but interesting:

No, just to clarify, though I got a call last year about coming onto
Enterprise, offering an EP position, and declined, the series I mentioned has
nothing to do with any current series, it's a new show. As for Manny, he's a
good writer, and left to his own devices, I think he could be a big help over
there without the other powers that be impeding the process.

Amusingly enough, on the Trek front, Bryce Zabel (the creator of Dark Skies)
and I got together and wrote a treatment earlier this year that specified how
to save ST and develop a series that would restore the series in a big way. I
actually think it could be a hell of a show. Whether that ever goes anywhere
with Paramount, who knows?

I remember reading in another thread recently how people were theorizing that Enterprise might have been it (before Joe D and a couple others ruled it out). There were even comments about JMS making a statement at a recent CON or highschool or something about how "amusingly enough he couldn't talk about anything in the Star Trek universe." Obviously, this above statement is why. He had something on the table to help revive Star Trek?

1) I am intrigued. As a long time Trekkie, I would love to see JMS at the helm or behind something (even though admittedly, this is a very slim chance).

2) How funny is the irony here? After all the DS9 debates about DS9 ripping off B5 and JMS's ideas from when he presented it to Paramount...he several years later was giving them ANOTHER idea? This time to HELP Trek? As G'Kar would say..."the wheel turns, does it not?"

Just thought the irony was rather funny, and even funnier, I hope it comes to pass, even though its unlikely.
JMS is right about one thing, without interference from Berman & Braga, Manny Coto will do a good job. I hope he is allowed to do it as Enterprises idea is a good one but B&B just haven't done the job.
... Enterprises idea is a good one but B&B just haven't done the job.
I would go further and say it was a GREAT idea, executed clumsily. It was what every Trek fan wanted, but too tied up in the Trek same-ol' same-ol' "ooh, let's have a time travel plot! We haven't done that since last episode!"
Yes, and I would also argue that Voyager was a GREAT idea executed clumsily. It had all the ingredients and building blocks. It just went...bleh! Same with Enterprise.
When Voyager started out, I thought it had one of the most interesting premises of any Star Trek show, and I saw it as a bit of a follow-up to DS9. One thing I really liked about DS9 was that everything wasn't always perfect. Characters didn't always agree on everything. My god, people actually ARGUED from time to time. :D

On Voyager by the second or third episode the Maquis (?) were all jogging along the ship, joining Starfleet. :rolleyes:

And they had a native American character who really could have been made a lot more interesting. A captain who made a very controversial decision which got them all stranded. Limited supplies, etc, etc.

Ugh, talk about a botched job. :rolleyes:
It does very much make you feel as if one person wrote the Spec of the show, while someone else carried out the day to day events in that Universe, doesn't it.
Oh, yes. That is definitely the truth. All the more reason to admire someone who can really pull it off not just well, but brilliantly. :cool:
On Voyager by the second or third episode the Maquis (?) were all jogging along the ship, joining Starfleet. :rolleyes:

It has been quite a while since I saw any of that first season, but I didn't think that it was *quite* that quick. It *was* way too quick, but just a bit longer than that.

I liked the early days of the show when Harry and Ba'lana (sp?) were addressing each other as "Maquis" and "Star Fleet".
Limited supplies, etc, etc.

Except shuttle craft, of course. They seem to have left Earth with hundreds of those for some reason. :)



Ah! But maybe they have on-board manufacturing factory designed sepcifically for building more and more shuttles? Who knows what evil dangers lurk inside of those... starships/bases/etc. :LOL:
on-board manufacturing factory

I think you're on to something. And, of course, they have the power to run such an on-board factory, thanks to the power saved by having Neelix cook things over an open flame rather than use the replicators.

See, they thought the show out quite thoroughly afterall. ;)
Limited supplies, etc, etc.

Except shuttle craft, of course. They seem to have left Earth with hundreds of those for some reason. :)



Speaking of shuttlecraft, didn't they just get some other kind of smaller ship from out of nowhere? I rarely watched Voyager after season three but I do recall them somehow having another ship.
I think there was something called the "Promethesus" (not to be confused with SG1). It was a Starfleet ship that someone came through a worm hole to help the Voyager, then returned from whence it came? I dont remember the exact details, but I do remember some Star Fleet ship fighting along side them then going back somewhere, but I dont remember why. Not that its important, they had the way home like 10x before they actually got there but some shit always happened to cause it to not turn out...
Actually, JoeD, that is what they must have had. :LOL:

Eh, it just seems that things were a little too smooth for a crew under those conditions.

This afternoon on the channel that is currently showing Star Trek the Next Generation, they showed the very first Borg episode. When Q tosses the ship over into Borg space.

Jeeze, I forget that the Borg weren't always such wimpy enemies. :LOL:

Sorry to Ant if we are seeming to Trek - bash here a bit. :eek: I am only so hard on it because I so loved the first three series. :(
The Delta Flyer... and the Prometheus didn't go through a wormhole... the Doctor was sent through a wormhole to the Prometheus, only to find the crew had been killed by Romulans and only himself and the Prometheus' EMH were left.

The ship could break into 3 smaller pieces and fight independently of one another.
There was a fake starfleet ship sent to rescue them in hope and fear(?) but it was a bitter man wanting to get the voyager crew assimilated. That were a good episode.
Season 4 of Voyager = good... surprisingly.
But I still think Voyager was crap and did more damage to continiuity than Enterprise! Well maybe, but they did flip up the Borg thing in Voyager. And Enterprise I think did a good job fixing some of it....

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