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Free B5 only web hosting/ archiving available....


From the nice folks at FirstOnes.com...

Hi there. I'm Sanfam, Administrator/Webmaster and Tyrant Overlord of FirstOnes.com, and I am presenting the B5 community with a unique offer.

We're a dying breed. Babyon 5 fans, that is. There's no doubt about it. The Babylon 5 universe has ceased expanding beyond its initial run. And with it being off the air for so long, we are left with a community who, while consisting of members who have very close ties to one another, are small in number. On top of this, Babylon 5 fansites are starting to be lost in the great void of the internet. Hosting plans and domains expire, and their webmasters move on, either not remembering or no longer caring for their content to pay for it to stay up. I come to you with an offer:

I want to host your sites. With the fairly recent demise of TP2B.de, we lost one of the more famous fansites associated with the B5 universe. What I would like to do is set up a system where I could either store a mirrored copy of your site, or simply offer a more permanent form of hosting. Keep in mind that the site would have to be B5 related, and may not contain any material not permissible by law in the United States of America (where the server hosting this site is located).

I've always felt this site was about the community, and so now it's time to expand its reach a bit. By hosting sites locally and at no cost (though, donations would be graciously accepted...as always), I offer up a chance to help stabilize the B5 fanbase and tighten the circle just a bit. Many of us started with sites hosted on Geocities, Tripod, etc. and moved on to better hosting. However, not everyone did, and these sites are in constant danger of falling off of the face of the internet.

If you are interested, please send me an email at the below address
siteadmin at firstones dot com (will establish a form in the near future...I just want to keep this as spam-free as possible right now)

Remember, this goes to anybody with a B5 site anywhere. If you did decide to move your site over here, you would be given a folder within http://archive.firstones.com/ and exclusive FTP access to said location (though if your site was/is large enough, we could talk and arrange a subdomain...but keeping it under archive.org is preferrable for the purposes of this endeavour).

Once again, that email address is siteadmin at firstones dot com. If you have any questions, either send me an email or post to the comments page in this news item.

Please spread this news around. Actually, if anyone could get in touch with former webmaster of TB2B.de and have him contact me on the address provided, that would be fantastic.

There are a few folks here with small B5 sites. It may be useful to them. I like the idea of gathering B5 sites into one server/ community, seems to make sense to my analy tidy librarian mind.
Holger Barton's site was fantastic. It's a shame he took it down. I did download most of the hi-res renders he did for the site some years back. I noticed a couple years ago that he had pulled the B5 content in favor of some German sports site or something. Now tp2b.de is a domain squatter's page.

I spent a fair amount of time looking for a mirror site with his old content, but had no luck.

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