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Fox nixes John Doe


Well, in my opinion, one of the most ambitious and well produced new shows John Doe was announced DOA after just one season. In my opinion, this could have been fox's next X-files if they had put it at the Sunday at 9 timeslot. It's really depressing after such a great finale.

Hrmmm...interesting, but kind of blah. I thought there was going to be a lot more involved with the answer. I mean Im sure there were parts that had to deal with that symbol and all, but still, I dont know what to really think about that.
BTW - anyone know if FOX renewed Fastlane? Boy if they gave that show a second season and passed on John Doe thats just fucking sad. Talk about keeping shows on the air for slope-browed simians.
John Doe\'s Plot Twist

I read on SciFi Wire that the producers had spilled the beans on the secret behind John's condition.

Supposedly, when you die, God fills your head with all the information learned on earth because you need it in your next life. For some reason, John went through this process and didn't die.

Kinda puts things in a different persepective, eh?
Re: John Doe\'s Plot Twist

Dude, scroll up to my post (#212441) where I posted the SciFi Wire article. :p

I pretty much agree with Recoil's assessment. It was a let down as I had hoped there would be more to it that that. Eh, maybe they way they would have told it would have been interesting but now we will never know. Oh well. I didn't like the show that much anyway but the season finale did pique my interest. ;)
Re: John Doe\'s Plot Twist

Hey, thanks. :) I read about it in the Letters Forum, but managed to miss the original article somehow. There's a minor debate about religion vs sci-fi over there that some people are taking WAY too seriously.

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