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Fox DVD Super Sale at Deep Discount

No, I don't work for Deep Discount DVD, I'm just a customer. But I just received an e-mail announcing a terrific sale that I think a lot of genre fans will love:

Buy one, get one (of equal or lesser value) free on already discounted Fox boxed sets including TV series like Buffy, Angel, X-Files, Dark Angel and The Outer Limits as well as movie sets like the 4 Alien films. More mainstream offerings include everything from multiple seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Hill Street Blues to the Clint Eastwood "Man with No Name" collection and The French Connection.

Earlier this year I took advantage of a similar promotion to buy all six seasons of the Highlander series for at total of just under $90 USD(with free shipping) When that series debuted on DVD it went for over $100 per season. I had always wanted it, but it was too pricey. This time there are so many sets I'd like to own that I can't get them all. But I'll be thinking hard about both seasons of Dead Like Me for about $28.00 or the 2nd and 3rd seasons of NYPD Blue for $30.00.


Well, I couldn't list everything. :) And if you click on the link you'll see exactly what is included, since the page lists all the Fox B1G1 Free titles. (Although they only list sason 1 of the original Outer Limits, which I think may be a mistake. I've e-mailed them about it.)


Is there way to actually tell which sets it applies to?

Other than putting 2 things in your cart and seeing if one of them comes up as FREE, that is.

Oh, I just followed your link. When I first looked I just used my existing DD DVD bookmark, and I didn't see anything pointing to that offhand.
It applies to every set on that page. You just have to make sure that your list ends up with pairs of exactly matched prices and then a few high/low pairs. They'll do the math and show you what is what in the cart before you ring up the final sale.

(You know, I thought this whole thing was a lot more obvious than it is turning out to be. Maybe because I've been dealing with them for awhile.) :D

When I followed your link, it was obvious to me.

It was just when I went to the DD DVD main page and didn't see anything about that promotion or linking that secondary page that I wasn't sure what all was included.
There's a link on the main page. Depending on your screen resolution it will be higher or lower on the page, and larger or smaller as the case may be. I guess it isn't their only promotion this month or even the one they're pushing the hardest. Of course they always tend to emphasize the new releases. Also you're far from the only one who has asked questions about the offer, which is why I think my previous experience with them might have made it look clearer than it really is. I've posted this link on several site and keep getting similar questions. :)



I get their emails all the time whenever they have a sale. They're a great place to get your DVDs. Generally cheaper than Amazon and not have to buy 25 bucks worth. Even DVDs for $5.99 has free shipping.