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Former TNT Execs Go On Record About 'Crusade' In New Book Coming In 2024

Patrick Munn

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Hi all,

Hopefully you won't mind a bit of self promotion as it is relevant to B5 and Crusade.... I've been working on a book about the TNT drama Major Crimes and how the show began. As part of that there are a few chapters relating to TNT's past record in original series in the 1990s which discusses Babylon 5 and Crusade. In researching this I managed to get several former TNT executives, including then TNT President Brad Siegel, to go on the record as to what happened from their perspective.

With the exception of Scot Safon who spoke to Rob Owen in 1999, I believe this is the first time they have publicly commented on this. I don't want to give much away, but what was said was fascinating. The book, 'I Want A Deal: Inside The Transition From The Closer To Major Crimes', is due for release next year (looking like August).
Sounds interesting. There was a JMS Dreamwatch interview (mid 99-ish) where some examples were given, but weren't there "Two TNT's" location-wise, and the strange directives/suggestions came from Atlanta?
Yes, that is discussed and an explanation was provided as to why TNT allowed Atlanta to take point, rather than leaving it to LA. I think I'd best describe what the book will offer as revealing that there is broad agreement between TNT folks and JMS on facts on the ground, but their views on why these things were happening are vastly different.
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This would be fascinating to read because I am minded to think too much of the blame for Crusade being a dumpster fire is put on TNT. I tend to think JMS also had a big part to play in how poor it was. It's likely a team effort.
Will the book (Aug 2024-ish) be available in the usual online places such as Amazon? Looking forward to reading it, as it is always interesting to learn some of the decision making steps. Ex: Wasn't Patrick Stewart originally asked by Roddenberry to wear a hair piece for TNG?

Understanding is usually a three edged sword, but if memory serves, that Dreamwatch interview (going to have to find it again...) references JMS pulling out a stack of materials for examples, plus the WTHH (and OV books) include a few TNT Notes with some Strange Suggestions. And the episode Appearances and Other Deceits has an interesting subplot where an outside entity drops by to make Improvements. ?
It has to go through the lawyers first, but assuming everything is a-ok and the current distribution plan holds, it will be available rather widely on Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc
For the sake of trivia, finally remembered to try locating the mid-1999-ish Dreamwatch JMS interviews. Would appear there were two articles RE: Crusade in 1999. The second one (Issue #62 / Oct 99) sort of dealt with where the show would have been going, but the first one (Issue #58 / Jul 99) covered a few examples of What Happened - based on existing documentation. In particular, at the top of page 23:

" Joe digs into his drawer, and pulls out a sheaf of papers... "