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For Anyone Fed-Up With SF-TV Cancellations...


Beyond the rim
Check out this site:


Antony, they are listing websites in "links" that support the TV-Next site. Maybe you could add B5TV.

I don't think I would mind too terribly much paying to watch TV shows on DVD. I think about the $90 a month we spend paying the cable bill and also about how we watch maybe 2 shows regularly. I know a few people who pay upwards of $200 a month on TV and don't watch all that many shows, either.

I think these networks could distribute pilots on DVD to anyone who wants one, and then they decide from that whether they want to commit to a subscription for the show. Or with the increasing popularity of broadband services, one could download the pilot and then subscribe if they wish.
I started a thread a while ago that proposed almost exactly the same thing and a lot of people thought I was nuts.
I remember that thread, El Scorcho. I admit, I didn't remember who started it. But I thought "hey, didn't I just read about this possibility, and how "impossible" it would be a couple or a few days ago?"

I must say, I was surprised to see this just a couple/few days later.
I only pay $22.50 per month for tv but of course don't have access to all the networks available in the US. The only Scifi cancellation that has bothered me at all is the fifth (and final) year of Farscape.
I would certainly pay for a DVD to see the conclusion of that series, but I don't think it will happen.
This is almost sure to be an untenable idea.

First of all why would sponsers advertise with this group instead of regular television? With regular tv a large amount of the viewers can't skip the commercial, you have a guaranteed audience and there is little risk involved. With this thing all the audience will be able to skip the commercial, you are not sure of your audience and you are guaranteed a smaller audience than regular tv.

Sales of shows will have to cover immense production costs. How can you expect hordes of people to pay for hundreds of episodes of a show they might not have seen or only seen a couple of times. Not everyone who liked a show when they could see it without paying for each episode will move to a different format. You would only get the hardcore fans which usually makes up a small percentage of the audience.

I liked Farscape but would not pay just to watch that show.

It might have a slight chance of success if you were willing to take large losses in the beginning, but what network would do that.