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For a whole new dimension try this


If you have seen B5 before then go to one of the sites that post a summary of each episode and check out that day's episode before you watch. You will be clued in to all sorts of thing to look for and get an explanation of motives and subtle plot twist that can make watching a whole new experience.

One such site is Galatic Gateway

Go there and click on Babylon 5 Synopses and then click on the next episode. For instance yesterday, June 28, here in the U.S., the Sci Fi channel showed Racing Mars - season IV number 76.

Of course if this is your first time watching B5 you would want to wait untill after you've see the episode. You won't want to ruin all the suprises.

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I've been to The Galactic Gateway and it is a good site. For others' knowledge: it also has links to actors' and actresses' homepages.

(is that correct ' use?

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It is an exelent supplement. When I have time, almost never, I go there and lurkers for each ep. It's nice for a different perspective.

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