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Font used in Rangers-Huh?


So i'm poking around at Babylon 5 Fonts and came upon a font called GREAT MACHINE. It clains to be reproduced from "the front of the machine
 that Draal is standing in and attached to. " It looks like this.

Anyway, heres the font from RANGERS:

So, does this mean that the Great Machine may have some Minbari connection, besides Drall being in the drivers seat?

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nope. check your tape-this is the same font used during the opening credits, and on background set pieces throughout the movie...i remember specifically in the dennbok training hall and on board the Liandra on walls and doorways...

I'm just theorizing...maybe the squiggly Minbari font we've seen is religous caste, while the more blocky font used in RANGERS is Warrior or Worker caste...maybe 500 some years ago a group of Rangers helped build the Great machine as per Valens orders...

"Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it." -- Some old dead white guy.
My guess is that someone goofed.

Too bad, I liked the squiggly Minbari.

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Maybe, or it could also mean that some scifi.com webmaster thought he'd be sneaky and use that font to appear mysterious...

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