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Flawed B5 script books


Hmph... b5scripts promised a 24-hour-reply service... now I'm waiting for 30 hours, and counting.

Two of my script books obviously ran out of black ink... it's all readable, but especially the photos suffer from bad contrast. A third has even got missing, misplaced and blank pages inserted into it. At 40 dollars per volume, I'm a little unhappy with that.

If the reply service is unreliable, sending back the volumes (for which I paid international shipping and customs fees) is a bit risky to me, so I seem to be stuck with the flawed books. After an investment of more than 300 dollars for half the collection, that's a bit of a letdown :(
When I had problems with an order back during the first handful of scriptbooks released, I contacted Jaclyn directly about it at Jaclyn@babylon5scripts.com . I don't know if she still takes emails regarding problems directly, but it's worth a try.

As for why they haven't gotten back to you yet, it could be something as mundane as their email server being down, or something. Just keep trying to contact them until you get a response.
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Telepath, did you try to email Cafe Press or did you use the Help@Babylon5scripts.com one? Because in two years I've *never* heard of anything but the best service from the Scripts Team. The email that Vacantlook posted is a direct, no-middleman line to the Captain of the Scripts Team and I'm sure that she'll take care of the problem.


Right after my post above, I emailed the Scripts Team to let them know your comments. I just got this reply:
Hi All,

The entire scripts team has gone through our spam folder back an
entire week THREE TIMES and we can't find this renegade email from
Telepath. So Telepath, please re-send your email to
help@babylon5scripts.com along with your order number and a brief explanation of the problem.

On behalf of my team, we answer THOUSANDS of emails and we've never (not once) had a complaint that someone never heard from us. But
we can show you HUNDREDS of emails complimenting us on our speedy
replies and excellent service.

I'm glad Telepath brought this up because the Scripts Team
would like everyone to know the policy about misprinted or mis-shipped
books: the wayward copy is replaced immediately, completely at our
expense, including international orders.

We don't ask you to return the less-than-perfect copy or mis-ship
because we trust you. All we need is your order number so we can find
you in the system for the replacement along with a brief explanation
so we can forward the issue to quality control.

That's it.

Would you expect anything less from J. Michael Straczynski?

Thank you all.

Best regards,
Captain, Babylon 5 Scripts Team

Hope this helps and you get everything fixed soon.

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Or ever meddlesome, I'm never sure which. ;) I think I just want everybody to be as happy with the books as I am. But you were the one who answered Telepath first, VL, so you get the points for vigilance.

Hey Jan & vacantlook,

thanks very much for your help :)

I sent another email and hope for the best...
As it stands, Jaclyn's reply is very fine service. I'll order the second half of the collection as soon as volume 14 is out.


P.S.: If they sought for "Telepath" among their e-mails, I'm sure they couldn't find it... I sent them a mail with my real name, of course ;)
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P.S.: If they sought for "Telepath" among their e-mails, I'm sure they couldn't find it... I sent them a mail with my real name, of course ;)

If I know the scripts team, they were looking for any possibility of a customer service issue they might have missed so they opened up all sorts of viagra/penis/breast/investment emails last night, not just scanned email addresses.

Come to think of it, I'll have to remember that tactic if I ever want to play a joke on a customer service professional. ;)

Hey Jan,

I just wanted you to know that Jaclyn took care of the issue, thanks again for the help. Now I'm happy again :)

Everyone else who reads this thread: Order your copies today! Great books, great service ;)

Glad to hear it, Telepath!

Hypatia, that's not as easy a question as you might think. Base cost if you ordered them all during the debut discount comes to $420. After the discount period for all of them comes to $560. Then you have to add shipping which costs $5 per book (for up to 5 items) for shipping within the US, higher to Canada or overseas but I don't know how much offhand. Does that help?

No, sorry, I was just curious. That is less than I thought it would be. A rent check, basically.

Well, I hope everyone is getting theirs without too much hassle.

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