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Flash Forward


Just curious to get your opinions on this. I watched the first 4 eps last night based on a recommendation- made by some of the same crew as Lost and it certainly feels like it- gimmicky premise, even has the Penny actress.

I haven't really bitten on this- maybe I only have room in my heart for one gimmick show.
Ive watched it and think its OK so far. Given its premise though, I really hope it is meant to be a "one season and done" show, and that they don't try to stretch out the 9 months to the FlashForward event over several seasons (if it gets renewed).
Well consider this thread premature. I turned the TV on last night, my DVR had recorded the new ep, I hit 'play' and after the intro/recap I just stopped and deleted the series. Kind of an instinctual reaction but I realized I didn't care enough about what happens to deal with all the down moments and flat characters of the show. At least Lost has Lock, Sayid and Hurley, and a few decent recurring characters- some people populating their gimmicky mystery world. I just couldn't stick with this one, oh well.
I watched last nights ep and there was a good amount of cheese in it. When it was "revealed" that all of the main characters didn't die when the car blew up, and they emerged from around the flames shooting at the Chinese guys with the Rolling Stones rendition of "Like a Rolling Stone" playing in the background....yea, that was cheese to the extreme.
Damn now that sounds like a scene I'd love to watch MSTK3000 style.

Here's my summary of the few episodes I've seen: pretty cool opening, bore you with flat characters and cliches for 39 minutes, awesome cliffhanger ending. So I guess I'll wait for the greatest hits DVD that just has the beginning and end of each ep.

Apparently this show isn't going over well with the B5TV crowd either..
I'm watching it, but I'm not really loving it. I LIKE it ok, but it's never the first thing I watch on my DVR.

It's interesting, though. I'm not really viewing it intensely, but it might get better.

I was happy that the one chick was a lesbian, though. I love me some mega-hot lesbians.
My wife and I are watching it. It's OK. Nowhere near as good as Lost in both our opinions. You only really need to watch the final five minutes of the episodes to follow what's going on. The best thing about this show is that it is on terrestrial TV here in the UK less than a week after it airs in the US. I hope this trend continues with other decent US TV shows.

Given that Brannon Braga is producer I was expecting it to suck a lot more.
Didn't know about Braga, but not surprised I guess since his strength and weakness was his fondness for gimmick plotting.
Still watching this and I think its getting better. This last Episode "The Gift" took a pretty big step on a lot of assumptions that were made and I think was executed pretty well. Going to stick with this show till the end of the season I think.
Still watching this and I think its getting better. This last Episode "The Gift" took a pretty big step on a lot of assumptions that were made and I think was executed pretty well. Going to stick with this show till the end of the season I think.

Yeah I agree. I've been saying to my wife that they need to have a definitive "This FlashForward isn't going to happen" or it would get boring. I was hoping it would be the guy that was being operated on and had that disease that meant he was turning black. Instead they did the old trick of having someone hanging around in the background of the show not doing much and then suddenly bringing him to the foreground just before he died.

Definitely going to keep watching it for a while. Probably until the end of the season (which by my rough calculations should be around the date seen in the FlashForwards?)
"The Gift" was a pleasant surprise for me. We may have liftoff.

I'm really annoyed that the chick from Lost has one purpose in the show: to avoid this British douchebag who helped create the blackout. It's old.
This is a frustrating show. I liked the first episode, second one was ok-ish, third one was better, but since then it feels like...it feels squishy, like there's a really good show in here, but they don't quite know what to do about it, or how to tell it.

Certainly I agree with the posters who've said there's no one you can really care about on here like you can on Lost. Definitely true. Of course, Lost took a looooooong time to reveal the characters and get them settled in before it really outed itself as an SF series. FF doesn't have that luxury. And a lot of people complain that Lost takes forever to reveal its mysteries - some of which are unresolvable - but I think FF made a mistake in revealing them too darn fast and easily. A huge thing is set up in one episode, and resolved in the next, or the one after that. As a result, the big questions have no resonance, no heft.

Having three of the principle cast be British and then saddling them with unconvincing American accents was a bad move, too. Those actors are really struggling, particularly "Aaron," though "Penny" from Lost has gotten much better, and I really don't notice hers anymore.

At this point, I'm just watchign the show for Dimitri, who's both a breakout character and a breakout actor. I love him.

We're reviewing the show on the Republibot site. If anyone's interested, I'll post the link to the batch of 'em, but I don't want it to look like I'm just trolling for hits. So: If anyone wants the link, ask. Otherwise, no biggie.

None of us at the 'Bot think it'll get a second season, and we're all really disappointed with the way it's pissed away its massive ratings from the start of its run.

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