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First B5LR cast members are now known


<font size="+1">First B5LR cast members are now known</font>
<font size="3">Dylan Neal and Alex Zahara are on board; plus crew info</font>

The first two cast members for Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers are now known, thanks to the British Columbia Film Commission website. The site, which lists filming work taking place in Vancouver, lists Dylan Neal and Alex Zahara as cast members of the show. This is the first cast information since we reported that Andreas Katsulas would be reprising his role as G'Kar.

The first actor, Dylan Neal, is a 31 year old Canadian native, according to the IMDb website. His television credits include episodes of JAG and Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. He plays Deputy Doug Witter on WB's Dawson's Creek, and had a three year stint as Dylan Shaw on The Bold and the Beautiful. He starred in and produced the film Taylor's Return, and his most recent movie role was in Landspeed. According to the IMDb he was formerly a nationally ranked squash player in Canada, and still enjoys the sport when not working. He currently lives in LA, but would no doubt need to move to Canada if a B5LR series goes ahead.

The second actor, Alex Zahara, is an experienced actor when it comes to sci-fi television. He's appeared in a number of Stargate SG-1 episodes, as well as an episode of Andromeda. He has also starred as Johanssen in Dark Angel. He doesn't have many movie credits, but did appear in The 13th Warrior.

It is not yet known what characters these two actors will be playing yet. It is also still unknown whether Brendan Ford will be reprising his role of Tannier from Babylon 5's "Learning Curve". For that matter, it's not confirmed that the character of Tannier, who we revealed is in the telemovie script, is even the same character.

There is also some crew information now known. Thanks to 'Zathras' for sending this in a while back. It lists some of the crew involved, and some of their other work to date.

Production manager: S. Lily Hui (Kevin of the North, Black River, The Guilty). Production co-ordinator: Carol Schafer (The X-Files, The Guilty). Pre-production/production steward: Jeff Cornish (Air Bud: Golden Receiver). Production design: Steve Geaghan (The Outer Limits, Highlander, The Commish, Valentine), Ken Rabehl Set designer for Andromeda). Casting: Lynne Carrow (Saving Silverman, Shanghai Noon, many others), Sue Brouse(Bones, Prozak Nation). Producer: Ron McLeod (Outer Limits, Fatal Error, Earthquake in NY).

Filming begins for the Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers telemovie on Monday May 14. The telemovie currently has the working title of "To Live and Die in Starlight".

Thank you to the variety of people who alerted me to this news or sent in information. Many thanks to 'Zathras' for the above crew information. Thanks also go to the suppliers of the above pictures. The picture of Dylan Neal is courtesy of the 'I Hate the Head' website, and the picture of Alex Zahara is courtesy of the fantastic DarkAngelTV.com website.

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