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Firefly vs BSG



So here is a question I am throwing out there for those in the know. Actually its two questions:

1) Is the company responsible for making the Special Effects on Firefly the same as on Battlestar Galactica?

2) Is the composer of the score for Firefly someone who has helped with the score on BSG?

Here is what I have noticed.

First, the space effects shots in Firefly REALLY seem similar to those in BSG. An absense of sound (which you wouldn't hear in space anyway) and a "quick shot then zoom in" of whatever is going on at the time.

The quality also looks very much the same. It really looks like the same company did both shows.

Second, the soundtracks/scores seem VERY VEYR Similar at times. Watch Firefly "War Stories" and almost any BSG Season 2 or 3 episode, and that background score sounds almost identical.

Not trying to say one ripped off the other, but does anyone know if there are common parties responsible for both????
In the pilot to BSG when Roslin is being told she has cancer, a firefly class transport lands outside the window behind her. I'm pretty sure it is the same effects company... or at least the company who owns the rights to the designs.
Zoic did the effects for Firefly and for the BSG miniseries at least, but I'm not sure about the rest of the show. (I think the BSG creators have acknowledged that they borrowed the "zoom" shots from Firefly as well.)

As to the music... can't help you there. To my mind they're entirely dissimilar.
Zoic created assets (i.e. the 3D models) for the mini-series, and worked on some of the episodes for the first season, hence all the Firefly references (amongst others, you can also see spaceships from Star Wars in the rag tag fleet!!) . As the season went on, BSG producers also brought in other houses who were cheaper than ZOIC, one of which was Atmosphere, who are doing the effects for B5: The Lost Tales.

BSG is composed by Bear Macready I think. No idea about Firefly. Check IMDB for that one...
I have heard so, yes, although indirectly -- it's a nod to such a ship in the original BSG, which was in turn a nod to Silent Running. (Incidentally, there's apparently another such ship with an FTL drive, because it's still in the fleet.)

Firefly's music was composed by Greg Edmondson.
Yes I noticed that... it's a good job too, otherwise they'd be in real trouble for hydroponic supplies... especially now the Fresh Air is gone.
Well, considering recent events I'm guessing they've been running things on algae all along, and in theory they've got plenty right now.
In the old school BSG, the botanical ship model used was actually the same effects model from Slient Running, just with a few new add-ons.

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