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Firefly DVDs in Region 2 or 4?

Does anyone know anything about Firefly being released on DVD in region 2 or 4? I prefer PAL transfers for Fox TV show releases -- I'm just funny that way :p
I'm pretty certain it's coming out in region 2 at some point.

PAL... I just got Smallville seaason one. Having only ever seen NTSC VCDs, it's weird. The credits' theme tune sounds too fast, and Remy Zero's lead singer too high! :D
Now you know what "Somebody Save Me" would have sounded like if it was done by the Chipmunks :D

I had that same issue with the PAL transfer of Dark Angel (Logan sounds particularly squeaky -- *sigh*) but I wouldn't trade it in for the crappy full frame version region 1 got. The other PAL transfers I have are great (season 2 24, Angel season 2 and 3), so PAL remains my choice for Fox TV shows.

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