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Fire and Ice Book Series


Ok, I need a place to talk about these books. First off, I want to say that I have finished the first book and I am so amazed by everything. The writing is superb. The storyline is exciting. The characters are well-rounded. I could be the only one on this thread, and that's ok, but I just had to write things as I experience them.

I don't want anything to be ruined! So, if you do any spoilers, please warn me if you talk to other peeps about things.

Spoiler for :

Dang, the way Eddard went out. I hate Joffrey. I hope the ghost of Shagga cuts off his manhood and feeds it to the Stark direwolves. And how he's treating Sansa now. I know she was selfish and naive, but there is no excuse. What a raging little asshole.
Loving Tyrion.
Bran is great. I love the relationship between him and Hodor.
Jon is growing to be one of my favorite characters. I'm glad he went back to the Night Watch.
Arya is awesome. Nothing more needs to be said here.
Dany is probably my favorite character. How she accepted her fate with Khal Drogo, then grew to love him was the kind of writing (of women) that I enjoy seeing. I can only take watching a woman cower in fear and be submissive (or be stupid and annoying) for so long. It's anti-Robert Jordan in that regard. And I KNEW she had herself some dragon eggs!

That's all for now. I'm sure there is more. I'm starting book 2 today! Cannot wait to see what happens to Arya. I'm loving this series! It's in good hands with HBO insofar as content and how it will be treated, I think. I just hope they don't pull a "carnivale" and quit the series too soon. Casting is already running rampant through my head.
They're darn good tales. If only Martin would finish the next book! It's been four years since Book Four came out, and that was only half-done, after a fashion.

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