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Finally! More 24 (SPOILERS)


If they do another one of these three week breaks I'm gonna kill 'em!

First off, I just have to complain about Kim getting chased by a mountain lion and then getting caught in a trap. That just seemed so stupid and unrealistic. Then she supposedly just sits there for more than fifteen minutes while it stares at her?

Other than that I liked the rest of the episode. I knew instantly that Siad didn't kill himself and I wasn't expecting CTU and Mr. Warner to find out about Marie so quickly. I'm curious to see what she's up to now. Next week we get to see Stanton get tortured some more. It seems as if there's an awful lot going on right now, and we're still not even to the halfway point of the season yet.
I just got back from the Pacer game and watched my tape of 24. Good episode, I liked seeing the actor that played Matheson in Crusade. He was the FBI agent assisting Jack and Kate outside the mosk.

I'm hoping they don't take anymore breaks, 3 weeks was too long.
At first, I actually liked seeing Spawn being chased by the lion. Well....ok, so I wanted it to eat her. You never know, it still could. That could be the first sscene next episode.
I live on the north side of Indy, about a mile and a half from the Pyramids.

I think it will be interesting to see the motives behind characters in the show who started out as good guys, but turned bad. (Head of NSA, the blonde who was getting married...forget her name, and the President's ex-wife who at least appeared to have turned a new leaf) If too many more characters make the good to bad transition it's going to get annoying. It' hard enough to figure out who can be trusted.
I don't see why they keep Kim. (Well, I actually do, but I refuse to even let occur in my thoughts lest much vomiting persists) The viewers don't like her. The critics don't like her. And most importantly, I don't like her. That's what we need - a graphic mauling scene. In fact, make a full hour of it. Give us what the public wants. Then we could all go out for pizza and celebrate to the wee hours of the morn at the fitting nature of her demise.

And another question: Why isn't Harris Yulin's name in the opening creds?
When that lion showed up, it was the first time I ever reached for the remote during an episode of 24. I know they have to find ways to put her in peril in the meantimes, but a lion? Come on. That's just stupid.
Why isn't Harris Yulin's name in the opening creds?

I've wondered the same thing since he first appeared. He isn't in the ending credits either. Maybe he wants to be uncredited but I fail to see why it would matter.
I like the fact that this season they don't drag out cliffhangers for so long. They open a lot of questions, but they close them relatively quickly. This way, if you already guess what's gonna happen, it feeds you something new all the time.

I like Marie as a brunette. And what a trooper she is! I mean, her cause is awful, but I'd sure like a gal who could... um, sacrifice... like that on my side.

I was laughing my ass off when Kim encountered the lion. She really is like comic relief for this show.

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