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Finally Got My Hands On It


The second season of Jeremiah that is. I just spent the last 3 days watching the entire season. At this point I feel excitement for the fact that I saw it and saddened that I know there will be no season 3. I cant believe its been 2 years for me inbetween seasons. A friend of mine was over a few weeks ago and we were bored so I popped in the first DVD of Jeremiah season 1 and said you have to watch this. He laughed initially at Luke Perry being in the show. A week later he calls me up to tell me that he liked the first episode so much that he and fiance went and bought the first season and are now fans.
The second season really is good, isn't it? :)

IT's a shame they didn't do more, but at least it ended at a thematically appropriate juncture, I suppose, no real cliff hangers...

but at least it ended at a thematically appropriate juncture, I suppose, no real cliff hangers...

Im glad too, I was worried that it would end with some big revelation or a cliff hanger and i would be even more upset that there wasnt going to be a season 3.

As much as I liked season 2, I still think I like season 1 better.
Really? I much prefered Season 2... I think I liked the whole Simms / Jeremiah / Marcus thang...plus Mister Smith... too funny.

Although the Libby angle was a little rushed, IMO...

I thought Mr. Smith was a great character and I really enjoy Sean Astin. The reason I think I like season 1 better is because to me it felt more real, basic and down right dirty and grimey. The second season starts to show things that werent available as much in the first. But then again it does make sense if people are rebuilding, these things would appear again in some fashion.
Finally got my hands on it too, and the wife and I have seen the first six eps now (up to The Mysterious Mister Smith). Absolutely corking start to S2 ... and nice to see that JMS did as he did with B5 season 4 and moved from standalone stories that make up one big jigsaw to something approaching more of a serial.

If it was going to be episodic in nature, it would have made sense to remain more basic, dirty and grimey, but as the story and the characters develop it was inevitable that these bigger themes would take more of a role.

The show started out focussed on Jeremiah and his place in the world, but it gradually became more about life in Thunder Mountain, and what was going on there, and towards the end of S1 and into S2 more about how TM related to the rest of the world around them.

And I can definitely see why Sean Astin enjoyed playing Mister Smith so much.

Here's to the next 9 episodes.


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