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fiction thing, probably not v.good


I was bored and since people keep telling me I should write something, I did. Thoughts are welcome.


Ivanova turned in her bed to stare at the picture of John once again. Her eyes growing wide and welling with tears she quickly turned back over, trying and failing to avoid the pain of memory and loss. Pulling herself up she walked shaking to the bathroom mirror. Staring back at her red and strained eyes she gave up futile attempts to dry them.

Garibaldi walked into the new c-n-c, a ramshackle collection of jury-rigged consoles and screens quickly assembled a week prior. Walking over to Corwin’s position next to the main console. The scar down the mans face was still striking for all that could be done at medlabs current capacity, but at least he had his eye now, and he had been supervising repairs for the last few days.
“Commander.” Corwin said as he turned to him,
“Anything new?”
“The transmission should be through in a few minutes, sir.”

The transmission. A day ago Clark’s earthforce had announced for people to await a vital announcement. In all the search for Sheridan intelligence on earth had been near enough ignored. Garibaldi sat down to wait.

The screenful of static suddenly snapped to a black background before quickly changing to an earthforce emblem. Garibaldi shifted uncomfortably in his seat briefly. Shortly the screen faded to a view of an earthforce bridge. Noting the symbol and letter to the rear Garibaldi recognized it as the Agamemnon. Stepping from the doorway there wasn’t a glancing eye in the room that didn’t gasp and move towards the screen at the sight of John Sheridan.

Moving in front of the captain’s chair he put his feet slightly apart and brought his hands together.
“Many of you watching this may remember all too easily fighting against me when I was in command of Babylon 5. To those of you who may hold a grudge, I apologise.

Two months ago I left Babylon 5 on what, looking back, I can only describe as a crazed quest. I had become convinced through my former friends and the alien ambassadors on Babylon 5 that there was some great danger imminent from a race I had come to call ‘the shadows’. This obsession led my beloved wife, whom had only recently recovered from a coma, to rescue me from the people I thought to be important to me. Using what she knew of the myths and legends I was obsessed with, knowledge gathered through her archeological work, Anna convinced me to journey with her to a planet I knew as Z’Ha’Dum, the supposed home of these ‘shadows’. The planet was home only to a race known as the ‘Drakh’, a friendly race which earth could do well to work closely with. They have been known to us for some time now, only now however is their existence being announced as the Drakh wished to decide what relations to take with Earth before any announcements. I am glad to say that son after this transmission the first Drakh ambassador to earth will be arriving on earth to sign an alliance treaty with our president.

Once we arrived on the planet the Drakh assisted a team of earthforce doctors and Anna using technology unknown to us to remove the alien influence which had been implanted in me.

It is my pleasure to announce that now I have returned I have been offered, and proudly accepted, a post as taskforce commander of a newly formed fleet assigned to defend against alien encroachment and to assist and decontaminate those worlds which have been corrupted and twisted into leaving earth by alien parties.

To my newly regained friends and partners in Earthforce I greet you anew and thank you for my rescue and this renewed faith. To my former friends, the officers aboard Babylon 5 and those ships which have switched to alien causes, I say this; I still consider you friends though you cannot show the same to me. I swear I will get to you and give you the same treatment as I have had to renew you’re loyalty to earth and remove the alien taint that has been forced upon you.

And finally to those aliens who did this to me, I tell you that I am human. A lot has been said of us by many but one of our own said what I wish to express best.
To Delenn and her circle, ringleaders of my tainting, I say this.

‘If you wrong us, shall we not revenge?’”

John sat proudly in his chair and deep inside him something screamed.
Not bad, Kaleb. I really don't go for fan fiction, but that was an entertaining alternate reality there.

I think Antony is having another writing contest soon. One of the suggestions was an alternate ending to B5, I think. IIRC.
Quite good, and disturbing. There is much there that needs to be fleshed out and I demand that you do so at once. Don't give me any guff...I know you have plenty of time. :D

"...the Drakh, a friendly race..."