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Favourite B5 Episode......and Why?



Okay, so here's another thread to see if there's anyone awake out there :D

What's your favourite B5 episode.......and why?
Interludes and Examinations

The scene with Kosh and Sheridan in the hallway is quite possibly the most intense thing in all of B5.

His death / dream sequence is also incredibly moving.
Severed Dreams.

I never imagined that the story line would take such a drastic turn as it did in this episode. The show clearly wasn't going to follow some formula year after year.
Z'ha'dum and Interludes and Examinations.

I just love the ending of season 3 when Sheridan finally goes to Z'ha'dum and when the Shadow vessels surround Babylon 5. Another of my favourite scenes is in IaE; the big conversation between Kosh and Sheridan. It's quite moving when you already known that Kosh is just afraid to die.
Aye. I couldn't pick a favourite, I really couldn't. Probably about 4 pivotal ones per series. B5 isn't about a singular episode, they all feed off one another.
I get the same problem with the Chronicles of Narnia and many serial books. Everyone says "which is your favourite book?" I have to reply that it's not any one book I'm a fan of... but moments from each one stand out for me as key components of a whole.
There are so many good ones that we're spoiled for choice. I'm in the process of watching the show again from beginning to end, so I'll get back to you on that...
"Severed Dreams".

Why?:rolleyes::D Just watch it.

This is what I call a "payback" episode in that it ties several threads together and opens new possibilities, foreshadowing conflicts to come.

Plus, it's just Damn good!!!:angel:
Certainly B5's greatest.

Just look at the competition it beat for the Hugo award!

Watched it too many times to really appreciate it now I think...
I loved Severed Dreams, but my fav has to be" The Fall Of Night"...the scene where each race sees Kosh as their own god grabs me like few other scenes in the series...It was a truly lovely moment..
Haven't posted in this forum in a while...but here goes. Yes, there are so many good ones, and yes all the typical popular ones have big "wow" moments and are backed to the brim with good stuff. Fall of Night, Severed Dreams, Z'Ha'Dum, Sleeping in Light, etc....but I really at this point am not going to say any of those are my favorites. Main reason being, and someone above said this, that I have watched those to the point of not being blown away by them anymore. And when you watch a "wow" episode too many times, it loses its punch.

So for me I'm going to go with:

"In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum"

It wasn't a "wow" episode per say. It did have lots of neat reveals in it and story elements, but clearly wasn't meant to be on the level of the previously mentioned episodes for sheer "wow" factor. Here are all the parts that make this one awesome for me:

* Nightwatch rearing its ugly head for the first time
* Kosh and Delenn revealing the First Ones for the first time
* Sheridan going irrational on Morden, to the point of alienating himself from his entire staff
* Sheridan REALLY showing is ugly "win at all costs" side by using Talia
* Talia slapping Sheridan :p
* Vir's standing up against Morden and showing no fear...and his foreshadowing "wave"
* Sheridan's WW:II Coventry speech to Zach while watching Morden on the screen. That one still gives chills.
* Sheridan seeing Shadows for the first time.
* Seeing Anna Sheridans fate tied to the Shadows for the first time.
* Franklin showing the first signs of trouble with working long hours and stims.

This one just has some great parts of the B5 story in it that all equal a cool episode while still being off the "super momentous episode" radar. I just like the way this one flowed and its overall feel.
Favourites could be judged by your most watched epsiode. I think my most watched episode could be "The Long Twilight Struggle". Say it is, then it is for these reasons:-

It's a nice contained and dramatic story, with a clear beginning, middle and end.
It has the Centauri 'cheating' tacitc and Londo's reluctance/dilema and you know there is a big battle coming.
You see the Narn Tactic, amid they know they are losing anyway - desperate.
The viewer sees both sides of the coming battle. You know the Narn will lose, badly.
It has G'Kar slowly start to realise what the Centauri tactic is.
And then G'Kar realising that the Narn fleet and race are doomed, yet he can do nothing about it.
The Narn battle action and being completely and easily anihilated by the Shadows in only a few moments. Nasty and cool.
Then the Centauri bombing of the Narn 'back into the stone age' to Londo's horror.
The B5 universe is significantly altered by the end of it. Star Trek eat your heart out...
Great musical score which is so fitting.
The next stage in the war where B5 becomes a fortress not a diplomatic station. And that there must be loads more to come.
Oh and 'that' speech by G'Kar. ;)

Great stuff. It makes it immensely re-watchable, like a mini story in it's own right. If a neutral doesn't enjoy this episode when seen for the first time, they won't enjoy B5... but if they do...

Then again, I could say similar about many episodes! :)