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Favorite thread emails


So, I wanted to add the "A rare treat" thread as a favorite so I could see it on MY HOME without having to dig through the posts in Babbleon. However, it emails me everytime someone posts a reply (mucho spam!) to that thread which defeats the whole purpose of adding it to MY HOME and reading it when I have time.

I went to the sub/unsub section of MY HOME and only found an option to get email notifications for private messages. I want notifications for PMs so it is turned on. Is that what controls the emails? If so, why isn't there a separate control for favorite thread notifications?

Help? :)
Yes, it irritated me as well that it was sent to Babbleon since only parts of it were babbleon-ish but that was LH's call to make.

Since I cannot have it marked as a favorite thread without being emailed every bloody time a person posts a repy, I am just going to stay away from it all together. If the board would just email me -once- that there are new replies until I have a chance to read it, I could have handled that.

It is too bad really. It was a good thread Sol.
Yeah, I have no idea how to mark something as a favourite without getting emails for replies either. I've never used the favourite thread option at all.

And we're all very sorry for having fun in that thread. Well, I am anyway.
Well, I hope Ant figures out how to fix it or at least make it less spammy. :) It is definitely a new "feature" of the new board. :p

There are a few threads that I like to keep track of in Babbleon (like Sassinations for instance) but since I don't check that forum everyday, I tend to forget about them if I don't make them a "Favorite".

Anyway, I better go check on that thread now that I am thinking about it. :D

PS: Why are you sorry for having fun?
Wow, I am normal? :p :LOL:

Babbleon isn't a bad place really but it does take a certain kind of person to really get into it. I personally find it way too time consuming. ;)
It *is* possible to just follow and partake in one or two threads in Babbleon. :D Several people do that, instead of participating in all threads.
Yes, I am sure it is. :p

I just don't like to wade through all the rest of the threads there to find the ones I am interested in. It was so much easier to mark them as "Favorite" and access them through "My Home". ;)

Like I said, it takes effort to read/participate in Babbleon which I don't always have time to do. :(
Yes, it is hard to -not- notice RW ... man of the infamous salad bar! I have never been to your salad bar but yet I know all about it. :p