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Favorite Rangers Quote (spoilers)

I guess it's unanimos..unanimous..something like that..G'kar's lines win hands down!

I haven't laughed at any show in ages! I think that little jaunt around the galaxy gave G'kar a more intuitive sense of humor. Either that or Lyta rubbed off on him. Anyone else remember her line about suing someone saying she was a horrible liar? LOL!
From the time G'kar is giving his exposition about the 'cause and effect' to Turk's explanation of his name I was in tears laughing so hard! OMG!
The ending invitation from G'kar I think was sweet and particularly aimed at those of us who knew exactly where they had ended up. I kind of sat there and smiled, knowing what the final shot on the screen would be. It gave me a warm feeling all over to see that wonderful tin can holding it's own in space again. Looking as fresh and new as the day it was commissioned.
It's enough to stand outside a childhood home as an adult and just remember all the wonderful events that happened inside.
Here's to many more wonderful memories and excrutiatingly hilarious scenes!
::steering topic back on course::
I'm going to have to keep an eye on the Downbelow to see if any quotes show up there. There were so many great ones!
Another of G'kar's: You said I was to consider any closed door open. So, I let myself in here.
Something like that...

We live for the one, we die for the one, but we don't die stupidly.

I think I'm liking this guy...


"Babylon 5 was the last of the Babylon stations. There would never be another. It changed the future .. and it changed us."
--General Susan Ivanova
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Arwen Darkstar:
"There could be trouble."
"Where you are involved, should I expect anything less?" ~ David and Dulann


Yes, that was a great line! There were some good lines in the movie.

I had forgotten that Tirk had several good lines. Some characters pretty much did the necessary talk. I do hope we can go further into some of the more minor characters.

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I loved the part with the sweedish meatballs being one of the universal things in the B5 universe. It was true, when we saw the station I almost cried (not literally)

Check my sig line for my favorite.

Dulann: You don't solve your problems by hitting them.
David Martel: Yeah, well, it made me feel better.
"Humans start wars, Mimbari finish them."

I thought that was great. That says a TON about the relationship between the commander and first officer. That's like saying "How'bout those incendiary bombs?" to someone that lived in Dresden when we burned it to the ground. I mean hell, wasn't it like two hundred thousand casualties at the Battle of the Line, or something insane like that?

My favorite quote involved that Drazi guy. I think his name was Tirk. It went something like this. "My name is Tirk.....carry heavy things.......my name is Tirk."

Have a nice day!!!
This is my favorite!

G'Kar: " Love to stay, have to go. kiss kiss bye bye."

"My name is Scorpius."
That G'kar line caught me off guard when I heard it. It was funny though.

Have a nice day!!!
LOL yes my fav line was the one DW mentioned

"I am Tirk.. Drazi.. I carry heavy things *pause* I am Tirk Drazi


DS9 and B5. Who would have thought 2 of my fav shows would take place on stations in the middle of nowhere :)
The first words out of my mouth when I was talking to someone else about Rangers:

I miss G'Kar.

All the prev quotes pretty much sum it up.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>
DS9 and B5. Who would have thought 2 of my fav shows would take place on stations in the middle of nowhere :)

what?? I didnt know they were in Indiana!!

Lots of good lines. This exchange hasn't been mentioned:

Dulann: "I'm here to show the council that there is no good reason for putting you out of our company."

Martell: "Well, you do get my room. It's got a better view than yours."

Dulann: "A point that I had not considered."

-"Do you want to be president?"
-"Put your hand on the book and say I do."
G'Kar and Sheridan, "No Compromises"
"It means, 'Don't touch me, I'm not having another child after this one.'"

As mother of 3, I can sympathize.

That one was another good Tirk line. Infact almost all his lines were funny. I mean, I think he had three good ones anyway. I also thought that Narn woman was funny too. Especially, when they were talking about the engines and how "good" it worked.

Have a nice day!!!
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Dulann: Size isn't everything

David: I've heard that before.

Dulann: So I've been informed.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

What do you want?
There were so many that I liked but this is the latest addition to my sig file and I thought I might as well try it out here.

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I don't remember it exactly so forgive any mistakes. Also feel free to correct them.

We don't have any first class quarters but we have several long hallways and many fine closets.

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I think that is how is goes Gonzo. I had forgotten that one. It was really funny, but how could I have forgotten that one.

Have a nice day!!!
David: (crash!) Ow!

Dulann: "Was that your head? How ever did that happen?"

David: "Get up here and I'll show you."

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[after G'Kar catches Malcolm in his image leaving the diplomats]

something like:

Malcolm: "I think I'll stop talking and go away now"

G'Kar: "That would be a very good idea"

and also the non verbal quote in the lifepod:


There were lots of good lines - I really like these new characters, and the actors portraying them. JMS always does a much better job of that than... other shows.

Anyway, I loved G'Kar's Swedish meatballs revisit, and Na'Feel's tirade at the engines, and the ensuing pleasant discussion with the Captain. "We can go whenever you're ready," as she leans to block his view.

- Timo
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