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Favorite Forums?

I notice that we can select favorite *threads,* but not favorite *forums.* Is this the final configuration, or will we be able to select favorite forums at some later date?

Otherwise, the new digs look very cool.
Well... this is a long story. :D

Basically, Infopop replaced it with a new scheme. I don't like that they replaced it, it should have been an extra. Anyway, the new way is that you would select what forums are favourites and the board would hide everything else.

However, I removed this functionality as I don't see that it's good for a community. You have 50 people who only see half the forums, and 50 people who only see the other half and you have a division on your hands.

I don't see the ability to just hide forums good... and people wouldn't even be tempted to venture into other forums. You may not go into some forums, but at least you can see them and might pop in.

So with that taken out, there's no favourite forums feautre I'm afraid. Sorry!
Along the same lines, it seems we can only select favorite threade when we post to that thread.

There's an "Add this thread to my favorites." box at the bottom on the screen I'm in right now.

However, when just reading a thread, there is no way to "Add this thread to my favorites." Instead, a person can only select it as a "Reminder." Why have both, Reminders and Favorites? :confused: Why not just have one way to select threads you'd like to not lose track of?

Also, are we ever going to get command of colors back, or the ability to do spoiler black outs? It seems that neither way of doing spoiler protection now works.

Just asking. :)

One way:
[spoiler] I want to hide this stuff.[/spoiler]

The other way:
<font color="yellow"> Beginning of Spoilers Space! Highlight lines below to read. </font>

<font color="#1E3957">

I want to hide this stuff.


<font color="yellow"> End of Spoiler Space. </font>
I think that feature has been lost or turned off, Kosh N.

I know it annoyed Web Tv users. But, quite frankly, I think most real web work annoys web tv users. Web TV is really very limited. I know, my mom used to have it. Now she has a computer. She doesn't use it much, but even she has said how it it much better than Web Tv.
I don't know why colours are turned off, I've not done so. I'll need to look into it.

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