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Favorite Crusade Episodes?


Here is a thought. What were your 3 favorite Crusade Episodes in order, and your least favorite. I think it would be fun to see what the fan concensus (sp?) is.


1) Racing the Night
2) The Needs of Earth
3) The Memory of War


- War Zone

My top three:

1. Appearances and Other Deceits
2. The Long Road (love the Woodwards here!)
3. The Well of Forever

"Personal journal, Captain Matthew Gideon, continue. It's now three days since our visitors arrived on behalf of Earthgov's Political Affairs Office. There is apparently some concern with how our work here is being perceived back home. They've been assigned to "help" us. Before their tour is finished, I may have to kill them. Assuming, Lt. Matheson doesn't beat me to it."
1. The Well of Forever
2. The Path of Sorrows
3. Racing The Night

"Expect me, when you see me."
1. The Path of Sorrows
2. Racing the Night
3. Each Night I Dream of Home

"The war is never completely won. There are always new battles to be fought against the Darkness. Only the names change."
1st: The Path of Sorrows
2nd: The Well of Forever
3rd: Racing the Night

Understanding is a three edged sword.
Top Favorites:

1. The Memory of War
2. The Long Road
3. The Path of Sorrows

"We all have something to hide. And we all have something to tell. We all have a secret name. We all have a question, ... one question that unlocks our hearts."
Tough one.

In order:

Path of Sorrows
Well of Forever
Appearances and Other Deceits

But it's been awhile since I've seen any of them, so I may be forgetting some.

Sheridan: Are you trying to cheer me up?
Ivanova: No sir, wouldn't dream of it.
Sheridan: Good, I hate being cheered up. It's depressing.
Ivanova: So in that case we're all going to die horrible, painful, lingering deaths.
Sheridan: Thank you, I feel so much better now.
Am I the only person that actually liked War Zone?

"All ships open fire! Repeat! Fire!"
I liked it, even with the problems. I just thought it was the worst of the bunch, as JMS has said. It had less of his work in it than the rest, sorta.

I just read the Lurker's Guide to "Path of Sorrows" and realised I hadn't seen it! It looks like it wasn't bad. Damn.

I must admit, I didn't pay too much attention to Crusade when it was on the air because I knew it was canceled...no, aborted (take it easy Joe

The one where they spoofed the X-Files was retarded. I'm sorry, but why waste an entire episode spoofing another show? It was so blatant that is wasn't funny.

The one where Galen left his girlfriend's ashes in hyperspace was originally a disappointment. I felt cheated that they went through all that for nothing. I thought the giant jellyfish were dumb, too. I've sinced changed my mind about that ep, though. The character stuff between Galen and Gideon were very good. It also set the seeds for some cool stuff that could have happened later.

I thought "Racing" was weak the first time I saw it, but it works much better when it's placed as the first episode.

In JMS' running order, the second episode has them inventing the nanotech shield, right? That hints that the cure would have been found early. Cool.

"You do not make history. You can only hope to survive it."

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1. Apperances and Other Deceits
2. The Well of Forever
3. Racing the Night

What are those Earth creatures called? Feathers, long bill, webbed feet .. go 'quack'?"


"Cats. I'm being nibbled to death by cats."
Visitors From Down The Street.

A better X-Files episode than more than half of the actual X-Files episodes.

Plus, the really interesting twist of having the less technologically advanced aliens using our heroes for their own ends.

And Gideon accidentally squirting a pipeload of sewage on his security team.

I love Racing the Night--it's so exciting from beginning to end.

As for Visitors, I wasn't that impressed when I first saw it, but when I saw it on Sci-Fi, I howled with laughter at the X-Files spoofs. Go figure--I guess it grew on me.


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> . I thought the giant jellyfish were dumb, too. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Two possibilities:

1. You have NO sense of humor.

2. You didn't realize it WAS a joke.

Yes, I like cats too.
Shall we exchange Recipes?
Only three???

1. Needs of Earth spoke to a lot of the ideas I have myself about the importance of art and free emotional and intellectual expression. Essential, not accessory. It was first aired at a time I was fighting through my own creative blocks, and struggling with why I even bothered. The show didn't give me answers, but helped me formulate my own.

2. Memory of War- Tested loyalties among allies old and new, foreshadowed what was at stake for the human race if the Excalibur's mission failed, and had the most extraordinarily subtle writing, acting and directing. In the scene in Med Bay, Marjean, Peter, Gary and Carrie were uniformly breathtaking in the colour and variation of their characterizations. Crusade had some serious acting chops. Make no mistake.

IIRC, Stephen Furst directed that one, which confirms there's a lot going on under that Centauri crest...

3. Racing the Night- What a spectacular pilot this would make, especially compared to the much more paint by numbers War Zone (my nominee for worst for that very reason)
Booms, a chase scene, and they even used the big gun! Not enough action was one of TNT's jabs at the series. When we finally got to this at the end of the initial run, I swear, steam was coming out from my ears, and it became clear to me why the TNT execs didn't want any of the shows to be completed and aired until it was clear they'd have to pay for them, aired or not.

They weren't just stupid, they were petty and malicious.
But that's another topic...

4. (Yes, I know, you said three, but I'm on a roll. I think at least half the 13 episodes were among the best television on, then or now.)Well of Forever- I still suppress a giggle when I see the Fen scene (and if you never see PW describe how they coordinated the action in that scene, you're missing quite a treat)
and the theme of mutual betrayal (remember Gideon was violating a trust as was Galen, just a bit more subtly) between friends, and of questions unanswered and unasked underscored the whole "Who do you serve and who do you trust?" theme of the series.

Worst would have to be War Zone. It was done very well under the constraints of time and resources, but compared to Racing the Night, the intended intro to the series, it was plodding and pedestrian.

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The results so far. . .

3 points for #1 vote
2 points for #2
1 point for #1

The leader is. . . .

The Path of Sorrows 12
Most character info of them all. Great episode. Surprised it is #1 so far though.

The Well of Forever 10

Racing the Night 9

honorable mention, appearances and other deceits pulled in a 7


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