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Favorite B5 reference on other shows etc.


Beyond the rim
I got Season 5 of Buffy yesterday and watched the episode where Zander gets split in two.

Near the end of the episode, when Zander is moving out of his parents basement he gives a box to Anya to carry and tells her to be careful with it because it contains all his Babylon 5 collectors plates.

I love this so much. :LOL:

Does anyone actually have B5 collectors plates?

Also, what other references has B5 had on other shows?
I'm sure Zander has at least one more.

There was a huge reference on the Drew Carey show -- In it Louis is actually going to a convention and dresses up as a Narn and meets a woman who he eventually starts to date (competing with Oswald and Drew)but she is dressed up as a Mimbari. :D
Totally nit-picking, but it's Xander, not Zander. From Alexander.

I haven't seen that episode yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
On the MTV Movie Awards 2002, when they're making fun of Jodie Foster's "Panic Room", one guy takes some box, and shouts in the camera something like "If you don't come out of there, I'll start braking your Babylon 5 plates!" and he evetually breaks one.. That "guy" was announcer in MTV Movie awards.. It was kinda funny to me :p.
Another B5 reference in Buffy - Season 6, episode 18: "Entropy"

Andrew is starting to get nervous. “[Johnathan]’s got that same look on his face: the one that he had that time I highlighted in his Babylon 5 novels…right before he told his mother on me! Warren, I don’t think we can trust him.”

From Buffy Body Count Page. :)
Does anyone actually have B5 collectors plates?

I am not sure that these actually got produced other than some samples that JMS saw early on in the process of making them. He later reported that there didn't seem to be a market for the plates and they were canceled. Bummer huh?

And as for the collector's plates, Hamilton did its usual market tests with mainstream collectors (who don't know from B5) and ST fans, and based on this decided that there wasn't any market out there for B5 collectibles.
We actually had a thread on this a while back - and, believe it or not, my friends and I were the ones who got the Bloodhound Gang into Babylon 5 in West Philadelphia back in 1995... before they were huge.

The Buffy reference is great, but my favorite is still from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. The guests were Mark Hamill and Bill Mumy, and at one point Space Ghost says, "Bill Mumy, what has he ever done?"

Zorak and Moltar get very angry and say, "Hey! What about Babylon 5!"

My favorite was on a CNN political show called Crossfire. A viewer wrote in making a favorable comparison between Citizen G'Kar and show regular James Carville. They read the letter on the air, then showed a picture of G'kar. Carville tried to look like G'Kar, sticking his chin out, and appreciated the comparison!
Well, I like Carville, and his odd sort of friendly mad dog style, which has similarities to G'Kar's unwavering deadication to his cause. Neither the letter writer, nor I, considered it an insult to G'Kar, but rather a compliment to Carville to compare him to G'Kar, who is my favorite B5 character. And, given Kribu's fancy for Keith Richards, I wouldn't predict whether she would like or dislike Carville's features. :D ;) :D
Trust me. I've heard Carville talk a few times. He's about as pure a spin doctor and political strategist as they get. G'Kar was more spiritual in the end. If anybody would compare me to him, I'd be very insulted.

Plus, look at Carville's face. Then look at G'kar's. There is NO comparison.

Spots make the man. Or... Narn, I suppose.
Well, okay, humans DON'T look like Narns. But, both Carville and G'Kar have long faces, unusually prominent chins, high foreheads, and deep-set eyes. When Carville changed the angle of his head, and his facial expression to match that of G'Kar in the picture they showed, he actually did look a bit like him.

I admit that Carville is a 'spin doctor,' as is any political strategist, including his right-wing Republican wife, Mary Matalin. As you are on the other side of the political spectrum, you may think the comparison an insult, but as I said, no one intended it as such. Both Carville and G'Kar hold strong beliefs, and argue for them passionately, and eloquently. But of course, few are as eloquent as G'Kar. :D
There was a huge reference on the Drew Carey show -- In it Louis is actually going to a convention and dresses up as a Narn and meets a woman who he eventually starts to date (competing with Oswald and Drew)but she is dressed up as a Mimbari. :D

From what I've heard, Ryan Stiles (of "The Drew Carey Show" and "Who's Line Is It Anyway" [British and American]) is a huge B5 fan and that he was the one who pushed to have the B5 convention in that show.

Another Drew Carey reference that I caught was in one of their April Fool's Day episodes. All of the characters were chit-chatting in the office when suddenly the entire scene switches to "video game mode" and all the characters and scenery look like "The Sims." One guy walks in wearing a Star Trek uniform and another guy walks in wearing a B5 uniform.

Probably no one else in the world caught on to it, but I laughed my self silly. :)
It was from the first TV series that J.M.S. was head writer for. This series was set in 2147 over 100 years before Babylon 5. The series explained how EARTHFORCE came about during the time of the METALWARS which began in 2132. It also explained how JUMP GATE technology was discovered by an Earth scientist and the first working JUMP SHIP was built and used.

This series had a 22 episode 1st season which ended with a cliff-hanger, but, like Crusade, it was cancelled before it got into it's planned 4 year series arc.

Anybody want to guess the name of the series?
There's this nickolodean show called "Kablam"
It's about two hosts in a comic book opening pages to cartoons for you,and once,the hosts,Henry and June, went to this place,and they thought the peeps there were actors and Henry yelled, "Take of that Babylon 5 costume and give us some action" or something like that

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