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I've made a big change to the server, in the hope that it'll improve overall performance. What i wasn't expecting was too see much improvement here. But... it seems a lot faster to me. What do you guys things?

That's what she always says...

What do you guys things?

What about our things? :) Getting a bit personal here, dontcha think Antony? More the kind of question I'd expect from Markas, truth be told.

Oh. Have you noticed that the board seems to be loading faster? Wonder what caused that...

No noticeable change at all for me, pah! In other words, occasionally fast, but mostly opening each page takes a few moments' waiting.
Damn fast. What the hell did you do?

Changed Apache from prefork MPM to worker MPM. :)

Kribu, if you have a slow connection I can't help you with that.
Kribu, if you have a slow connection I can't help you with that.
That explains why the majority of other sites are fast both at work and at home. :D

Nah, it's okay, just that I don't see any difference to what it was before... was more or less the same.

It actually seems to be somewhere around Finland/Sweden/Denmark, in the Telia network, where the slowdown occurs. So blame them, not us! :D
it aint fater for me but my comps totally stufed up with stuf and i allways have about 60 windows open
Definitely faster for me. Entering a post is now almost instantaneous, most of the time. The new 'slow' is at least as fast as the old 'fast.'

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