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Farscape Series and PeaceKeeper Wars **SPOILERS**


I've read several posts over at Frell Me Dead (Thanks for pointing out the site in previous posts VacantLook) and it seems a great number of people were shocked that Sikozu was a traitor? This amazes me, I've been waiting for her to twist the knife in someone's back the second she first stepped onto Moya, I'm actually surprised it took so long to rear it's head. I admit, I missed alot of Season 4 (I saw maybe about 4 or 5 episodes) before seeing PeaceKeeper Wars for the first time, so I thought maybe I had missed some "getting cozy" episodes with Sikozu in them. But, after watching all of Season 4, and following it with the PeaceKeeper Wars, I can see even more clearly just how untrustworthy she was. Why are people so amazed she was a traitor and they think it was unrealistic and out of character?
Re: Farscape Series and PeaceKeeper Wars **SPOILER

Sikozu betraying the rest of the crew of the Moya is to be expected. They all do that. She joined as a traitor to the Scarrans and looked like one of the main weapons to be used against them. Sikozu was shown working as a double agent to free her people. Sikozu betraying her own people to the Scarrans was a surprise.
For me, it just kinda felt out of place. Having seen Sikozu being a bioloid in part of an underground movement of Kalish against the Scarrans, her as a bioloid having been constructed so that she could produce an appropriate radiation to specifically attack Scarrans, it just felt like it didn't fit with her joining the Scarrans. It's just my personal take.

My guess is that had Farscape been able to have its fifth season, her progression to traitor might have had time to have a few other things happen that would make it feel less of an extreme jump in logic to me.
Re: Farscape Series and PeaceKeeper Wars **SPOILER

I think overall, for my opinion. I thought PKW was relatively weak. I guess its because they forced an entire season into 1 episode...and obviously had to make adjustments because of it. Dont get me wrong, Im glad we saw what we saw --- its better than nothing --- but if you take it for what it was, as a standalone miniseries, I dont think it was that great. Even disappointing.

Just my 2 cents. And I did really like the Farscape series, and thought it was a really cool show.
Re: Farscape Series and PeaceKeeper Wars **SPOILER

I wasn't too impressed with TPW... and I'd forgotten this about Sikozu and well... the entire plot I suppose. I seem to remember there being Scarrans, and ships...
Re: Farscape Series and PeaceKeeper Wars **SPOILER

Just got the DVD this morning. I quite enjoyed it on Sky.

My main issue was that it crammed a whole season's owth of plot into four hours, it felt like Farscape on speed. This was fun at times, but others it seemed far too rushed.

Had they had a whole season to play with, i'm sure we could have seen Sizoku's betrayal done more convincingly. She was a double souble agent, as was Scorpious. Their relationship seemed all the more fitting as a result of this.

Did I mention how much I like Scorpious?
Re: Farscape Series and PeaceKeeper Wars **SPOILER

it felt like Farscape on speed.

And Farscape in general to me felt like TV on speed, it's greatest strength and weakness (fun to watch, but loses the plot). I lost track of who was what and why a long time ago, so I made no effort to actually accept anything as conceivable and ejoyed the eye-candy. In this respect, PKW felt no different than seasons 3 and 4.
Re: Farscape Series and PeaceKeeper Wars **SPOILER

but if you take it for what it was, as a standalone miniseries
The problem with that line of reasoning being:

It was obviously made so as to be targeted at the fans of the show and not as a stand-alone for new viewers. Everything about it basically screamed that that had been the focus from the first story discussion / meeting.
Re: Farscape Series and PeaceKeeper Wars **SPOILER

Exactly. You can never look at it as a "standalone" miniseries, because it was done SPECIFICALLY to "finish" the story for the fans due to the cancellation of the 5th season...

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