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Farscape saved. Finally.



Congratulations Scapers - You did it!

Savefarscape.com is now free to confirm that the rumors swirling have their basis in fact. Farscape, cancelled last year by the SCI FI Channel, will return as a 4 hour mini-series. Sources report that filming will begin in December and the series is expected to air next year. Ben Browder and Claudia Black will reprise their roles as Commander John Crichton and Officer Aeryn Sun.
A Jim Henson Company production, Farscape was aired for four seasons on the SCI FI Channel before being cancelled in September 2002 with the fourth season finale and last new episode airing at the end of March 2003.

The fans reacted immediately to news of the cancellation and began one of the most impressive fan campaigns in television history. Through a strength of spirit and ideals of community and family, the fans of Farscape have created something fabulous and achieved something that should have been impossible.

Take a bow Scapers, you did it. You saved Farscape and don't let anybody tell you differently. This is all yours. You kept the hope alive, you kept Farscape alive, until the people behind Farscape could get back to work on telling us the rest of the tale again.

Your job isn't done yet, though. Take a while to enjoy this victory and then let's get back at it. Let's get more eyes for Farscape. Let's get more viewers. Let's put Farscape in the hands of every person we can reach and then, when the series airs it will be such an event that not even the most optimistic of us could have anticipated the response.

This is only the beginning. Farscape will continue because of you and the future of the franchise is in your hands.

Thank you all. For your time, your ideas, your letters, your hope, your joy, your dogged determination, and your unwavering support.

Congratulations. Back to work. -- Red

http://www.watchfarscape.com/news/a....php?newsid=463 <-- check that out. :D
Wow. So it's official now?

I confess, even I will check out how they finally end this series. Too bad it's only a miniseries, but it's better than no ending at all.
They haven't done the press conference... but the Save Farscape thing is of the highest integrity as they've shown so far... if they say it's true, I'd say it's true.
I confess: I wonder just how they will end it. Will he get home again? Will he settle down to some kind of life where he is? Or will they leave it all up in the air in hopes of future projects. :devil:
Well, I don't think that is a snowball's chance in Hezmana that they will be able to wrap up *all* of the major story lines (by which I mean the ones with either major personal implications for main characters or gallactic level implications) in a mere 4 hours. Therefore, it will be at least somewhat open ended, though probably leaving off at a much less better stopping point than the S4 cliffhanger.

People like GKE who are just watching the series for the first time through the DVD's may want to stop reading now.



F O R . A L L



I mean, think about it. Just off the top of my head we have got:

1) J/A reconstitution, obviously.
2) Chiana's sight, in both meanings of the term
3) PK / Scaran conflict
4) Kaleesh rebellion
5) The priests that we left Jool with and what might be up with their ability to create a centuries long peace
6) The Human / Sebacean / Interon link implied by evidence at the dig
7) The Nebari plague
8) Neri and the Nebari resistance
9) PK internal politics (Scorpius / Grayza etc.)
10) Aeryn's activities between S3 and S4; what, where, who?
11) Furlow and her copy of the wormhole tech info
12) J/A marriage and child
13) Earth being safe from, well .... basically everyone vs. John (and friends) being able to go home
14) Rygel still semi-regularly makes noises about going back to Hyneria and getting his thrown back.

Granted that some of those could very well dovetail fairly nicely into combined solutions. However, the only way that I can imagine them *all* being resolved would be if John just somehow used the wormhole network to implode the whole galaxy.

That isn't even looking at stray loose ends that they could skip but also could very easily come back up. For example, Jothee, Stark and his search for contact with Zhaan, closure on D'Argo/Chiana (they still do a fair amount of dancing around each other), where was D'Argo/Jool going, John's paternal attachment to the Sebacean Breakaway Colonies, and did we really find enough wreckage to account for Talyn? There are plenty more.
I wonder if there is a possibuility that if the mini-series is succesfull enough if it could lead to eiher more mini-series or to Farscpe TV movies?
I wonder if there is a possibuility that if the mini-series is succesfull enough if it could lead to eiher more mini-series or to Farscpe TV movies?

We can always hope. :)

I suspect that John and Aeryan will get married and that Crichton's time on Earth is over - he is going to end up policeing the Peacekeepers and Scarrans.
It looks as if it's getting more believable every day. In next week's TVGuide:

The Jim Henson Company is producing a four-hour miniseries that will tie up the loose ends left dangling when the cult hit was prematurely axed last year by the Sci Fi Channel. The project - which will reunite leads Ben Browder and Claudia Black - will start shooting in December in Australia. Since the telefilm is unlikely to air on Sci Fi, word is it may be sold into syndication. So there!

- Michael Ausiello

Syndication, eh? Maybe if the ratings are good enough...

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