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Farscape: Importance of Wormhole Knowledge

I enjoyed the first night of the mini-series enough to see part two. However, when the series was on, I only caught bits and pieces, so I'm not fully clued in as to why wormhole knowledge is so important, why the bad guys think wormholes can be used as weapons (and how they would use one as such), and how and why Creighton seems to be the only one clued into how they work.

In fact, did I understand correctly that Creighton can even sense and/or control wormholes?

Could someone give me a brief summary about the importance of wormholes so that I can understand that part of the story better?

Crighton accidentally entered a wormhole in the premiere episode and ended up...far away from Earth. He encountered an Ancient who implanted wormhole technology in his brain...except he couldn't access it.

Scorpius discovered he had the knowledge once when he had captured Crighton and spent a long time trying to re-capture him in order to gain this technology.

The reason it is so useful is that it provides instantaneous travel over incredibly long distances. Very much like Stargate. I believe Scorpius said in one ep that he knew where Earth was and that at top speed it would take 60 years to get there. So, for a race of mercenaries (like the Peacekeepers), this would be an incredible military advantage. Of course, the Scarrans want it too. Not being able to witness the approach of a fleet of command carriers or dreadnaughts would make defence...a bit difficult.

Hopefully that helped.
The mobility is huge, but it is not the only thing about wormholes that has military applications.

Were you aware of the period of time when there were two Crichtons? There other Crichton (who is dead now) had one of the Ancients unlock the knowledge in his brain shortly before he died (of course). That particular Ancient was also killed.

Anyway, the other Crichton made a wormhole engine to destroy a Scarran Dreadnought easily, flying just his module. The dialog in the episode told us that it could also be used to destroy an entire planet, Death Star-like. IIRC, the basic principal had something to do with connecting the target directly to the core of a star via a wormhole.

When an individual, without any other military force at his command, demonstrates that he he can destroy a capitol warship .... it will get people's attention.

This all occurred in the Infinite Possibilities two-parter in season 3.
There is also the issue of travel through wormholes possessing the capability to enable one to alter time by going into the past/future.
Yes, but nobody had come close to figuring out how to predictably deal witht the "unrealized reality" issue.

Of course, the Scarrans and PK's may very well bot have realized that there was any such issue.

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