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Farscape DVDs -- where are the season boxsets?

No, really, where are they? There's a Best Of the 1st Season which is simply an abomination, but nothing compared to the sheer blasphamy of these "volume" releases. And then they have the gall to release that overpriced Season 1 boxset! Who are these ADV sadists?

Has Farscape not suffered enough?
We get two discs per box set... 5 box sets. Or a season box set, the highest priced in the DVD market.

But I love them. :) The 5.1 is a bonus too.
Man, I'm so pissed off. I never watched the show on TV and want to watch it on DVD. I bought the season 1 box set a while back and like it. Now there are no box sets for the other seasons. :mad:

I suppose that when I do have some dough I'll bit the bullet and buy the 2-disc sets in order, but man, that will be such a pain in the ass.

Right now, what little DVD money I do have is dedicated to DS9 and B5, whose producers had the sense to release season box sets.
I've been doing a little research at the excellent TV Shows on DVD and found the release pattern -- 7 monthes after the last volume *spit* of a season is released that season's boxset is released. Soooo, the season 2 boxset should be out at the end of October.

Also found a marginally better price for it at Videoflicks.ca for $132 (Canadian)/$93 (US) -- a smidge steaper than the X-Files boxsets but do-able since I went for the cheaper region 1 Buffy season 4 set and have stopped buying the X-Files after the 7th season.
Thanks. At least the set will come out eventually, which makes me kinda glad I haven't started buying season 2 yet.

At this rate, with 4 seasons of Farscape, I should be finished watching the series 2 and a half years. :rolleyes:
I've been doing a little research at the excellent TV Shows on DVD

It is an excellent place. I've gone there quite a bit. They were one of the first to know about the Earth: final conflict box set.
I paid about that much for season 1, maybe a little less.

Every other TV show's DVD season sets are cheaper, following the classic economic practice of pricing things in bulk for less. But no, not Farscape. :mad:
Well, compared to what it cost to acquire the whole season in the original 11 volumes, S1 of Farscape *did* come for a volume discount.

I went and looked at that TV on DVD web site. I found out that S1 of Soap is comming out. The list price is only $29.95 for all 25 1/2 hour (well, 22 minutes without the commercials) episodes. I know that Soap was extremely silly, farcical humor ..... but it always made me laugh (at least for the first season and a half or 2 seasons; it went downhill after a while). At that price I don't think I'll be able to resist buying it. Or maybe I'll put off buying it and put it on my X-mas list.
As a general rule, the best prices to be found on DVDs for American consumers are in Canada because of the exchange rate that favours the stronger American dollar. The best price I've found is (as posted above) $93 (US) at a Canadian online retailer. Although with shipping that may come to equal the cheapest I found at an American retailer ($113 US).
I bought it Tower Records for $99 shortly after it came out. :)
Don't care much for online shopping.

In comparison of release schedules, I've seen the Lexx season two set is now available and there are several volumes of the third season of Farscape out there (2 eps, not sure how many). Andromeda is up to its third season, but no season sets as of yet.

And if anyone out there is dying to get to season two of FS, I suggest checking your local Blockbuster (or equivalent) - they sometimes rent out the 2 ep volumes.
Yeah, I could rent them, but I want to own them, too. So if I watch them now and then buy them soon, watching them when I buy it doesn't have the same impact.

Farscape is the 2nd series I'm buying sight-unseen (after The Prisoner) it's a lot of fun that way. Of course, it would be more fun if they release the damn boxes already.

Of course, I could just buy the individual volumes. But then I'd have a mix of boxes and volumes, and who wants that on their shelf?

Man, this is so f***ing complicated...
It's about to get even more complicated :devil:

I've found the boxsets -- the Australians have them. Figures. Their prices are even a little less (including shipping), but I'm waiting for the Australian dollar to go down a bit more. Lately it's been on a rather disturbing upward trend. Wankers -- I mean that affectionately ;)
Isn't Australia like region 17 or some crap like that? Ugh.

I'm kinda glad I can't afford this stuff anyway, right now. It saves me the hassle.
Region 4, and it's far from crap. They use PAL which means higher picture quality at 576 lines of resolution as opposed to the NTSC 480 lines. Of course you need a multi-region or regionless player.
Got any old computers hanging around? Anything above a Pentium 450 MHz can easily (and cheaply) be converted to a regionless DVD player that hooks up to your TV.
Just an FYI...

Gen Con was here in Indianapolis this weekend and I stopped in at the ADV films booth. They didn't have an exact date, but said that the box set for Farscape S2 was due to be released this fall between Oct-Dec 2003.


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