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Fantastic Four trailer


Here it is. I really don't know what to make of it. It looks like it could be either really terrible or just average. I really can't make anything of a plot out of it, other than how they came to be who they are. The Thing looks pretty sweet.

Mmmmmm...Jessica Alba. *drools*
I'll see your mmm Jessica Alba and raise you a mmm Chris Evans, mmm Ioan Gruffudd and cool, Michael Chiklis! :D

The trailer looks brainless. I wish they'd invent some new trailer types. But, I think it could be quite fun.
It looks fun. I never expect these super-hero movies to be anything near brain-surgery. I was spoiled by "The Crow" for a while, but nothing has touched that production since. (No, not referring to the 2 hour long music video or the crappy 3rd straight to video POS's... talking about the original.)
Other than being able to sit in a cinema with a permenant boner, and all the worrying side effects there-of I can't really see the appeal of this movie.

After hearing about how dire Electra is, I wish Marvel would cut back on their licenses. We've already seen Punisher Daredevil and Electra ruined, why do they need to keep cranking em out???

One big event movie a year, done properly would be great. This maybe ok, i'm a big fan of Ioan Gruffyd (?), he was great in Hornblower (steady Ant)
Was Elektra that bad? Was planning to see it this week-end maybe. I'm not too picky about movies in general, but when they're REALLY bad (i.e. Tank Girl) I prefer to skip em.
Sorry but I think The Thing looks terrible. He's far to well-defined, even having supposed serratus anterior. The overall shape give a rounded impression instead of craggy... to me he looks like a heavy set boxer in a rubber suit rather than a mobile slab of rock. It just doesn't work for me at all. Overall the film does look 'shiny' though.
Ben Grimm (sorry, can't call him Thing, I've always hated the name... 'sides, he'd wanna be called Ben anyway, y'know?) has rarely been drawn as craggy. He has, in fact, most frequently been drawn using large, rounded shapes for his head, chest, arms, legs, etc.:




He's been drawn frequently both with and without the "serratus anterior," as well. Personally, I like to see Ben done with a bit less of a cartoonish style, and more of a gritty look:



At least he's come a long way from his original look:


I don't know what everybody's freaking about. That looked pretty good to me, reminded me a bit of X-Men, also a Fox production and one (or actually, two) of the all-time best Superhero movies ever made. It isn't like there haven't been good ones, including ones based on Marvel properties. (Can you say Spiderman? I knew you could.) The first two Chris Reeve Superman films are classics of their kind, as are the only two modern Batman movies ever made. (There were no Batman movies with Val Kilmer or George Clooney. You imagined them or somehow had a glimpse into a parallel universe where such films and travesties like "War Zone" are real.) Of course, the best recent Superhero movie of them all wasn't based on any particular comic book and sometimes isn't classified as one. (I'll give you a hint - it starred Bruce Willis.)

I'm looking forward to the FF movie, and not just because of Jessica Alba in spandex. (Although that is, of course, a factor.) I think they did about as well as they could with Ben for a live action movie. No actual human being was ever going to be able to look like Kirby's Thing circa 1968, and that's the look that defines the character for me. Believe me, the look's been tried, it don't work in real life. And Chiklis is a fine actor who will do justice to what is arguably one of the most complex and interesting characters in all of the Marvel universe.


It's as if Bob Holness was merged with his Blockbusters board in some freak, industrial accident.
No actual human being was ever going to be able to look like Kirby's Thing circa 1968, and that's the look that defines the character for me.

I'm just at that age where the Saturday morning cartoon version is the one that initially defined the look of the character in my head. :cool:
FF, Sin City & Casshern trailers

Thanks for the pictures, LH. I agree with what you are saying, Joe, that it's a tricky character to bring into reality. All I'm saying is that to me it looks both fake and out of tune with the character. Either I see the muscles and think someone's taken a flamethrower to Lou Ferrigno, or I see the rubber suit and get visions of George Peppard with a cigar poking out of his Lizardman outfit. :)
To me the whole essance of Grimm is him dealing with having a shape with no redeeming features (only a blind woman could value him, yadda yadda). Having a muscle definition like Mr Universe is not likely to cause self-disgust, IMHO.

How did that Sin City trailer come out without me noticing! After the character that Rodriguez showed to get this film off the ground I hope it makes a killing at the box office for him. The choice of soundtrack is excellent for the trailer too. I'm dreaming of this team taking on the Sandman script in the future... :)

Sandman... movie... Warner Bros... someone reassure me that Jon Peters isn't likely to get involved with TMoS? :eek:

I just did a search for Casshern in this forum but got no results. It's another film with amazing visuals and I thought I'd seen it mentioned here before but there's a trailer on the website in case it hasn't. The non-Japanese speaking reviewers don't seem to be getting the depth in the film (shallow subtitling?) so it might not be that popular here.

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