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Hi all.
Kinda new to this but I've had a good read through a lot of posts, and I'm looking for anywhere on the net for good fan fiction, or specifically fan comics based on the B5 universe, since I'm hoping to do one myself next year. Anyone have any ideas?
Fan fiction?

You should not miss the Dark, Distorted Mirror. Another location of some interest is the Star Riders website. Another story which I have encountered is Ranger, Warrior, Soldier. An old site with some really interesting ones (for example, the Valen Chronicles) and many links is All You Can Eat Flarn.

Naturally, there are countless others. I better not pretend to have any overview of them. Neither do I pretend my taste or judgement to be adequate. I like some things, dislike some other things. You may wish to scan those sites for links to similar sites.

I do however think that Channe has good taste, and is writing a rather interesting speculative Rangers extension on this very site. You can find it in the General Discussion forum under "Rangers Redux". On some days, that forum has seen other curious things as well, but I better not spoil them all.
Cheers for that Lennier and FlarnChef, I think they'll keep me busy for a while! I still haven't come across any fan made B5 comics, though. Maybe there isn't that much of an audience for them? Another B5 friend and I are developing a story based around the construction/destruction of B3 which will have painted art by myself, and eventually probably end up on a website somewhere! If anyone knows of fan B5 comics or indeed fan movies I'd love to check them out.
Jumpnow.de is the best .
I like specially the John Hightower 2284´s saga , but there is also a lot of good stories .
Here (http://pretallez.com/neroon/) is the Neroon page in wich is located a story , called "The delicate balance of in-betwenn" , that is one of the best stories ever writted for B5 (there are other nice stories in the same page) .
Here (http://ca.geocities.com/dgolding2001/) , is the homepage of the Rimstalker & Star & Circle sagas , both part of the same RAnger/Anla´Shok fanfic saga , wich takes place (respectively) during the shadow war , and the crusade era , and here (http://www.telusplanet.net/public/dgolding/vs6/VS6.htm) , is located the B5 virtual season 6 , a very nice serie of stories , written in TV format and related to the other two sagas .

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