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Family Guy


I used the search function but got bubkus so new thread.

New Family Guys are coming in spring but after catching a couple of reruns on Fox I'm not sure all is well. In two seperate incidents I've noticed censoring of jokes that would offend our current overlord. The first was a picture of W and a beer bong as a sign of the apocalypse while the second was the Virgin Mary saying "That's my story and I'm sticking to it" about the virgin part.

I'm not sure if this new run will be all we hoped for.
As long as the writers are aware of the limitations and are told what can't be broadcast before the eps are final, they can write around it and not lose the funny.
I noticed there was a brief edit on the Dradel episode last night - when Quagmire was <cough> reaching for his keys, he seemed to find them a little quicker than in the version on the DVD. I never noticed if they cut it on the Cartoon Network.

Whatever happened to American Dad? Wasn't that supposed to start up in January, or are they shelving it for new Family Guys?
As long as AS gets the rights to air the new ones after they've aired on Fox, I won't care about any editing. We'll get to see it eventually pretty much uncut.

According to TVTome, AD is going to air its premiere in the rather ideal spot of after the Super Bowl, though it will be on after after a special airing of The Simpsons. Fox must like it, since they ordered another 6 after the initial 13 plus 8 more scripts, all before even one ep hits the airwaves.
I enjoy Family Guy, and hope that they don't butcher the show when it's aired on FOX. I think that's why it was cancelled so many times already.

Rommie :devil: