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Family Guy returns to life!


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WOO! Production has begun on 22 new episodes of Family Guy. :)

Farscape coming back too... oh it's a glorious time after all!
The US Cartoon Network definitely.

Fox has an option too, if they want to run them first.
I heard a few weeks ago that 35 eps were ordered. It'd make sense, considering they're set to air midseason early next year. I'd like to see Fox take first stabs, just to show big network interest, and maybe it can get some good publicity airing on Sunday's animated comedy lineup now that Futurama is no more.
Sweet. I wonder if they'll continue the transition to flaming Stewie from Bond Villain Stewie.
I rather liked Bond Villan Stewie and hope they keep him. Heck, why not have Bond Villan Stewie who is also flaming. ;)
Re: Farscape Future

Farscape coming back too... oh it's a glorious time after all!
Any information on this?

Everyone was back filming in Australia. Primary shooting wrapped a week or two ago. It is supposed to be a 4 hour mini-series. No "official" announcement has been made yet, so we don't know the title, schedule, network, etc. (a bit like B5:TMoS).
I read somewhere it's 22 episodes for now, but I'm not worried because the fan base is so strong that it'll get renewed after that. And with no dumbass schedule shifting on the Cartoon Network, things look good.
That is really great news! It has just made my day.

"Oh my God, I've just killed William Shatner!" :D

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