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Family Guy on DVD!



Seasons 1 and 2, the first 28 (of 50) episodes of the show came out today. :)

"Look, Chris, a family of wasps."

Father: "Well, this is a rather sub-par ham."
Mother: "I may not be able to prepare a ham, but at least I can bring a little grace and civility to the table."
Father (to daughter): "Patty, did you know your mother was a whore?"

"Daddy, 8 is enough!"

Four discs full of glorious sight gags and tasteless cartoon humour. Gotta love it.
Why do i feel like we are buying so many cancelled shows on DVD? :(

anyways, good for you. the R2 release sucks.
Well, pretty much every show gets cancelled eventually, and the vast majority of shows released on DVD are no longer on the air (24 and Sopranos, having box sets of earlier seasons, are rarities).

I have a quite a few shows on DVD and except for Sopranos (still on the air) and The Prisoner (ran as long as it was supposed to), they were all cancelled at some point:

Monty Python's Flying Circus
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (season 1 & 2)
Farscape (season 1)
Family Guy
Twin Peaks (season 1)
Babylon 5 (season 1)

Frankly, except for the my Criterion collection (I'm up to 52 right now!), TV on DVD is what I look forward to buying the most.

Next up to buy:

Futurama, season 1
Deep Space 9, season 3
Babylon 5, season 2
Purchased it today, haven't started watching it yet, but today is truly is a great day in DVD history. :)
It's out now? SWEET. However, I'm waiting for the release of seasons 1 & 2 of Homicide: Life on the Street on DVD next month. Then I shall buy Family Guy. And Futurama.

Also, since this here is a Family Guy thread, I'll go ahead and tell my bit of news here! Family Guy will begin airing on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim this Sunday at 11:30 PM EST. So... TUNE IN. Man, CN just keeps getting good stuff.
I've had season one for aaaaages. ;)

But I'm going to get the R1 season two, as it's just got more features.

ANd it's probably cheaper. Man, the price differences.

£40 for Simpsons season one, I can get for £18 on R1 import. Buffy which I pay £58 for is £29 on R1 import.
I thought about getting The Simpsons on DVD, but it's still on like fifteen times a week here, so there's no real point. Not too excited about the Futurama set (I think there's only 13 eps?) either. I'd rather see something like The Tick, which isn't aired anywhere any more.

And I am definitely getting The Family Guy set. I looked for it at Circuit City the day it came out, but they're not as up on releases as record & movie stores. I'll find it this weekend, though.

Brian rules.
Futurama is way better than the Simpsons, which is just getting old and dull now.
Besides, Futurama has Amy Wong, cutest cartoon babe ever! :)
And Family Guy is fantastic, also way better than Simpsons.
Family Guy moment #23:

Stewey "talking" to a young man, trying to get him to help him:

"Help me and I will give you anything you want! Money! Power! Women! *raises a quizzical eyebrow* Men?"
Here is another of my favorites :)

Peter: Wow, we are going to L.A! Where people say something funny just before the commertial break! (silence for a few seconds, then they cut)

damn, i want a multiregion player :(
Ant, there in no R1 release of just season 2. The box set that just came out is both seasons 1 amd 2.

There is a reason for getting the Simpsons on DVD as opposed to watching the repeats- syndicated shows are often cut to allow for more commercials.
AND there's the fact that commercials are frelling annoying. And I'd like to start collecting the Simpsons on DVD, since I enjoyed the older episode much more than the newer. There just doesn't seem to be any real PLOT to them anymore. And the use of the extra cast is getting odd. Moe seems to be doing less bartending and more...... everything else these days. But it's still pretty darn funny, at least.
As much as I enjoyed Family Guy, a lot of what I really liked were just moments from episodes. The odd flashbacks, like their deBeer's commercial. "Diamonds, she'll pretty much have to." Part of the problem is that Peter's laugh is one of the most annoying sounds ever to come across the television. Stewey and Brian were the main reasons I watched Family Guy.
"Diamonds, she'll pretty much have to."

I watched that one last night. I almost pissed myself at them.

Stewie is the best.

"Yo quero pancakes! Donnez-mois pancakes!
Click click bloody click pancakes!"
Stewie: "I know that some of you arent are still young, and havent fully developed your motor skills yet. You will be decoys for the rest of us to bring about victory. Blast! Useless! All of you are useless! Gah! Now Ive gone and soiled myself"
Lois: Peter, have you thought of getting a job?
Peter: Yes, Lois, and i´ve also thought of getting fired from that job... is that really something you want to put our family through? Think about me while i grab a beer.
Indian Boy: Stewie would you like to learn how to wrap a turban?
Stewie: Why don't you teach it to the Chinese girl or perhaps she can learn after her people invade you country.
Indian Boy: Lee? Would your people really do this?
Stewie: Oh try and stop them and try and stop Pablo's people from using drug money to buy arms from Lee's countrymen who will in turn sell them to Yuri's people so that they can ethnically cleanse the rest of this nauseatingly diverse grab bag of genetic party favors you call a family. So now you understand. You all hate each other.
Hey, I was gonna quote that!

Bad news folks: the DVDs are edited. There's an Osama Bin Laden reference in one of the episodes, and at least another joke taken out (I forgot which).

I dont remember them ever referencing him. Most of those are 1999-2000 which is before 9/11. Why would they have referenced him?

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