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Excallibur Guns

They do it easily.
They conclude with insufficient data.
They make calculations while forgetting many factors.
And they get some rough numbers, some of them big.

If they like it, who am I to ruin their fun?
But I take such numbers with a big grain of salt.
About as big as this planet. /ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif
Some factors they did not fully consider:

1. Range.
2. Targeting.
3. Point of contact.
4. Target exploding on its own.
5. Reflection from armor.
6. Conduction in armor.
7. Energy lost in conversions.
8. Non-standard materials.
9. Lack of reliable mass or size figures.

In the end, their figures might be believable. Or ten times off to either side. I calculate when my calculations can reveal something. When I need to find the perceived gravity in Down Below, which is something that can be determined with at least some accuracy. But I never calculate when I know my result is destined to be way off.
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>Uh...hehe...what?<hr></blockquote>
Basically B5Tech are deriving figures with less than a good amount of evidence.
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>BTW, what should the gravity in C&C be?<hr></blockquote>I once calculated it. All it requires is to determine how far along station radius the command centre is. Combining that with rotational speed derived from watching it, you could easily calculate preceived gravity created by the centrifugal force. You could get dimensions from data stated by JMS and determine C&C placement from a still frame.

In the end, it would be around 60% of standard Earth gravity.
A light-hearted mood and no jumping allowed.
The ceiling might be painfully close.
So, if the average male weighed 60 kilos on Earth then he would weigh 36 kilos in C&C? How dramatic an effect would that present?
You could jump higher. Things would fall slightly slower. You might walk a bit funny, but constantly living on a space station, you would quickly learn to adjust your step according to gravity. In C&C there would be other affairs to press you instead of gravity. Which reminded me of a Minbari joke:

"How do Humans create artificial gravity?"
"Easily. They are a rather depressing people."