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Eureka - What a waste of time...


I'm (thak God) reaching episode 11 of the first season, and I'm stubborn enough to finish it, but damn, is that awfull or what?
An entire series full of childish jokes, weak (very weak) stories, weak characters, weak actors. And they going to make season 2!
If you wasted your time (like me), I'm sorry for you. If you intend to watch it in the future just a piece of advice: stay away of it, cause it sucks.
I watched it for two or three weeks. I wasn't overly impressed with it, but, I wouldn't go so far as saying it was horrible.
I watched the first episode, simply because it was free on iTunes. I did not feel the need to watch any more of it after that.
It was way to sloooooow. It may have picked up later on but I was not convinced. None of the characters stood out either. Plenty of other shows have done small town wierdness better.

Did anyone spot the reference in Lost though, season 3, ep 3, when one of the characters is hitching to 'Eureka' ?
Spoilers for LOST S3, Ep 3

Was the show Eureka set in Eureka California? Eureka California (Where Locke was going) is a well known Pot growing place. I doubt it was a reference to the show, though, since the show was about Secret advanced technology, and the Locke episode was about Pot growing.

End spoiler
I enjoy Eureka and haven't missed an episode. Toward the end of the first season it looked like the show was finding a definite footing (as so many tend to do as they mature). I'm looking forward to the next season.
i agree londoshair, everyone is being way too harsh, the show had a cool premise, started a little less than solidly, but definitely picked up, i am actually quite pleased it is being continued.
Okay so I have re-started to watch EUREKA. I believe I made it through Season One in the original run, but didn't enjoy it that much so I didn't continue. Now I have started again. Anyone interested in discussing? I have started posting my episode thoughts on JMS News and ISN News, so I am looking to see if it is worthwhile to triple dip over here. :LOL:

I would likely start a new thread.

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