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Eragon the movie?


The book reminds me of eddings or fiest (in the early days). But can they make work or will they stuff it up. I found narnia to be a good effort but i'm not twelve and then of course theres lord or the god will this ever finnish. But I believe it proved no question it can be done. I yearn for you input.
So are any of you going to tell me what has you confused, or are you just going to stand around telling each other how bewildered you are. Cause after all these years I thought this was a good place to come glean info from like minded people. I did a seach couldnt find what i wanted so i put up a post. sorry for the sharp retort but I can't fix it if I don't know whats wrong with it.
OK - what the f*** is an "Eragon"? Is that the name of a book, a character, an author? Is someone definitely talking about turning whatever it is into a movie? Thinking about doing so? Is there a rumor there might be a film version of whatever it is we are talking about?

You posted something assuming that everyone would know exactly what you were talking about and it reads like something from the middle of a conversation, not the start of one. It isn't like there's been lots of talk about "Eragon" in other threads or his/her/its possible connection to a movie . It is like walking into a party and saying, "So should Bob take that job?" when none of the people there has ever met or heard of your frend Bob and has no idea he'd been offered a job. And then getting all pissy at them for being so rude as to wonder what in the world you're on about.

Posting something like, "I'm a fan of ERAGON by Joe Blow. The book reminds me of... etc. and so forth. - I hear it might be made into a movie. Are any of you ERAGON fans? What do you think of the idea?" would probably have been better.

You'd get fewer blank stares that way, and probably post fewer petulant responses. You know the old saying: "Never assume, because when you assume, you make an ASS of U and ME." :D

So, tell me about Eragon...


At a guess, I think that they probably have never heard of Eragon. Without an introductory sentence or two about "recent fantasy novel about a teen who finds a dragon egg and becomes the first new Dragon Rider in over a century", they just weren't able to orient on what was being discussed.

I just finished book 2, "Eldest", about a week ago.

I'm not sure how well it would translate to a movie. A lot of it is slow motion character development over the coarse of a long journey with a lot of time passage. There are scenes that could work in a movie, but I'm not sure how well it would hang together if you have to start editing down the travel stuff, just for time. And how badly will that impact the sense of gradual growth of Saphira, Eragon's abilities, and their relationship.

There's also the question of whether you are converting to a screenplay as a stand alone movie, or as a first installment of the trilogy. In getting things trimmed down to reasonable running time for a stand alone movie you would: establish Eragon's life in Carvahall in the quickest terms possible, leave out virtually all introduction to the other villagers, probably completely edit out Joed and their interaction with him. However, if you are doing a first installment then you would really want to leave the introductions to those characters in.

From a visual POV, Paolini's repeated use of completely impossible geographic features would be problematic. If they really followed what the book says using digital effects, the oddities would leap out at the audiance more immediately / intuitively when they actually *see* them.

Ultimately, I think that it might work better as a TV mini-series (or series of mini-series) than as a movie.

Oh, and "Eldest", with its hundreds of pages of training and meditating, would be sort of an odd second movie in the series. All of that training would be edited down to very little screen time. You would end up with a movie where the lead character was Roran rather than Eragon. It wouldn't necessarily be a bad movie ...... but it would be wierd from a Hollywood business plan POV to make a sequel in which the star of the first movie became a very secondary character and the star of the sequel had only appeared for 5 minutes or so at the beginning of the first movie.

So is this project actually in the works somewhere?
Or were you speculating that it might make an interesting movie?
So, tell me about Eragon.
Eragon is, depending on your POV, either the title of the first book in a fantasy series (it appears to be planned as a trilogy; the second book came out last fall or late summer) or the name of the central character (human male about 16 years old as the first book opens).

Eragon finds a very intersting, polished, and large "rock" ..... which turns out to be a dragon egg. Dragon Riders used to be a sort of Knights Templar sort of order, only with more power to keep the peace between races / nations / whatever (riding intelligent, magical dragons will do that). However, now they and the dragons are basically extinct.

The first book pretty much develops in the tradition of coming-of-age, questing-journey fantasy fiction ...... with the 16 - 17 year old who is coming of age having a strong two-way emotional and telepathic connection to a hatchling dragon.

You'll recognize elements of Middle Earth, Pern, Earthsea, and the Star Wars mythos. Of course, all of those were, in turn, based (in varying degrees) on centuries old myths and archtypes, so that's fair. (And the author was something like 17 when the first book was published.)
sorry for the sharp retort but I can't fix it if I don't know whats wrong with it.

The biggest problem seems to me to be that the text of your initial post reads as if it's a comment to another post and not the intiating post of a thread. Perhaps some post disection could be useful.

But can they make work or will they stuff it up.

One, who is "they"? Do you know of a studio that is working on a movie version of Eragon? If so, perhaps a link to a news article announcing the working on such a movie could help identify "they." If you know of no studio working on a movie version, then are you refering to some undefined film creators with your use of "they"? Are you then in essence asking if it is possible for anyone to create a loyal-to-the-text film version; can the difference in medium (book v. film) be overcome? Please clarify what you're trying to ask in that statement.

"Make work" I assume is supposed to be "make it work"?

Additionally, is "stuff it up" supposed to be a way of saying ruining the story?

and then of course theres lord or the god will this ever finnish.

This portion of your post makes no sense whatsoever.

I assume you're trying to reference Lord of the Rings, but you only use the word "lord" alone making such an attempt to reference it confusing. I also have to assume that if you are referencing Lord of the Rings then the "god will this ever finnish" portion of your sentence is you referencing the length of the denouement in Return of the King that many people have ridiculed for having too many endings, but if that was your intent, then you said the bare minimum to actually render any form of expression of your thought, which is why it led to confusion as to what you were trying to say.

And, mockingly, I have to ask what do the inhabitants of Finland have anything to do with any of this? (I appologize, but I can't resist.)

But I believe it proved no question it can be done.

The use of "it" twice in one sentence here, each of which seems to be referencing something different, makes the meaning of your statement confusing. You "believe it proved": What does "it" here reference? And "it can be done": What does "it" here reference? The blind use of pronouns makes it very difficult to understand what your point is.

My best guess would be that you're trying to say that the "it" (the creation of the Lord of the Rings movies) proved that "it" (creation of a movie based on a fantasy novel) can be done well. But my guess is only based on me having to fill in a significant amount of information that you didn't include in your very unclear statement in order to try to make what you said mean something.

Do try to be clearer in the future. Don't assume that because you know what a pronoun you type references that others know as you did with your intial post. And in creating a new thread, try to elaborate your initial statements as it will lead to a greater clarity of what you're trying to say instead of leaving it up to the reader to guess what your point is.
Isn't that the book series written by a teen boy? I've actually heard some really good things about it. Would see the movie, definitely, if it's about dragons! :)
Can't say I've read the Eragon books, but I have heard they're not too bad. I believe the teen who wrote them is named Christopher Paolini or something like that.

As for a movie based on the Eragon story, it might not be a bad idea. It could get a whole new audience exposed to Mr. Paolini's work that might not otherwise even know that he wrote anything. ;)

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