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Episodes in the Can?



Another question for all you analytical nut-cases out there! I hope that I am not repeating myself here, but, how long of a break is the Sci Fi Channel willing to take for first, showing the MOW/Pilot, and then, showing the first episode of the hope to god series! There shouldn't really be a big gap between the show and the series? Right!? That would be strange. So, basically what I am trying to say is that shouldn't something in terms of a contract deal be made before January...I don't know...I guess I am just getting my hopes up! Oh well!
I just think something fishy is going on that is all...This doesn't make any sense! I also know that Joe probably has a few episodes for "Rangers" up his sleave...maybe already roughly drafted out. He seems like that kind of a guy! Even though he is writing for the feature film "Rising Stars" and is currenly working on "Jeremiah"...he must have tons of ideas as to where the "Rangers" series is going! I am just blabbing now! Sorry people!

See the thread in this forum titled "Waiting on the Rating":

In particular, read Joe D's July 12 9:40am post on why it's impossible for the series to hit the air until several months into 2002, and my July 12 5:51pm post on why we'll most likely see the series hit the air in Summer 2002, 5-6 months after the pilot.

Besides that, i think the best way for them to run this since they won't start the series for about half a year after the movies airs is for them to show the pilot and start the series up right after the second showing. That will give ppl who missed it a jump start on what's going on and give everyone who saw it a little refresh on what is going on. At least that's what i think

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That's similar to what was supposed to happen with Crusade until Atlanta TNT put their dimwitted two cents in.

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