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Episode Order on Season 5 DVDs

I was just looking over some episode guides online and in Andy Lane's book The Babylon File, Volume 2, when I realized that Day of the Dead is out of whack. Apparently, it aired in the middle of the telepath thread but has a higher production number. (I think I already knew this but had forgotten since I hadn't though about it in a while)

According to the Lurker's Guide Master Episode List, the proper place for Day of the Dead, chronologically, is after the telepath thread was dead and buried (and spit upon by some).

So, now I'm curious which order the DVDs will be in. Does anyone know? I'm guessing they'll stick to original transmission number since I haven't notived any other order corrections in the first four season, but I didn't know if Season 5 would be exception.

Another reason I'm asking is I'm playing around with the idea of resurrecting my old hobby of having a web page. Part of my web page would be dedicated to Babylon 5, and now I'm not sure which order to put Season 5 in my episode guide. I lean toward transmission number rather than production number, but since the DVDs are the most recent and most prevalent form B5 has taken lately, I think I'll adopt whatever order they're in.
The US VHS release has "Day of the Dead" as the ninth episode, right after "A Tragedy of Telpaths". I'd say WB will stick with that order. DoD is a standalone ep, so it doesn't really matter either way.
My videos have 'Day of the Dead' after 'Tradegdy of Telepaths'. UK transmission was after 'Secrets of the Soul'.

Both are actually wrong, as in both those positions, Londo and G'Kar are off station and so should not be in 'Day of the Dead'. For everyone to be in the right place at the right time, it should be viewed after 'The Ragged Edge'(IMO) as that is when Londo and G'Kar return. Or before 'Strange Relations'. The choice is yours :D
Here are JMS's comments on it:

We felt it wise to adjust the airing order so we could ramp up the following episodes prior to the NBA delay without having any interruption in the tone of the episodes (i.e., 2 tense, 1 funny, 2 tense vs 1 funny and 4 tense in a row).

We'll probably juggle this about down the road, once we're into reruns full time.


I'm not sure which order they aired in on SciFi, though.
Season Five ("Wheel of Fire")
89 502 No Compromises
90 503 The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
91 504 The Paragon of Animals
92 505 A View from the Gallery
93 506 Learning Curve
94 507 Strange Relations
95 508 Secrets of the Soul
97 509 In the Kingdom of the Blind
98 510 A Tragedy of Telepaths
99 512 Phoenix Rising
100 513 The Ragged Edge (This is the correct order.)
96 511 Day of the Dead (This is the correct order.)
101 514 The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father
102 515 Meditations on the Abyss
103 516 Darkness Ascending
104 517 And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
105 518 Movements of Fire and Shadow
106 519 The Fall of Centauri Prime
107 520 Wheel of Fire
108 521 Objects in Motion
109 522 Objects at Rest
110 523 Sleeping in Light (2281), the Babylon 5 Series Finale.

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