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Episode Knives from the second season


I just watched knives last night on Foxtel, and I was wondering that creature that hitched a ride with Sheridan what was it? I think it could have been a Vorlon, as it left Sheridan the same way Kosh left Lita. Could it have been a vorlon from way back in time because it hadnt yet learnt how to communicate with its host?

Any speculations?
I've heard an idea like this before, but I think JMS shot it down somewhere.

I still like to think it's a baby Vorlon, but probably not.
Can't be a Vorlon. Remember when Kosh died, they all somehow knew it? If it was a Vorlon then the others would have been all over it, not only trying to bring him back home where he belonged (the vorlon homeworld NOT the sector 14 void) but they would have done a much better job at keeping him a secret.

Just because it sorta looked like one doesn't mean it was one, the other pieces just dont fit.
I guess Sheridan didn't get as close to the rift as Sinclair and Garibaldi had to get in order to save the B4 crew. Otherwise he would have grown old like Sinclair in WWE part 2 because this would have been his second time through the rift also. Otherwise, the big deal that Sinclair makes about not taking Garibaldi with them wouldn't make any sense because Sheridan had been exposed to the same thing and came out fine.
Well he didnt go THROUGH it like Sinclair or Garibaldi, he just got close to it. Hell Garibaldi got close to it in WWE himself and had no ill effects. Passage through the rift is what caused the problems...
Well, I think it is one of those mysteries of the (B5) universe. Il a race coult evolve such as Vorlons or Shadows, why couldn't exist races living in distorted time-space places ? This "thing" was an living intelligence of pure energy, which could of course remind us of Vorlons, but it is a being unlike any life form known. A people who could live and evolve in the void of space-time, why not ?

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