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EpDis: The Long Dark

The Geometry Of Shadows

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I want to know.. what happened to the Soldier's body? Is it still invisible and rotting in Down Below? Doesn't it smell? Do people walk into it?

Those are good questions. I was kind of wondering the same thing. I mean, presumably the crew didn't just leave after the fight, and it's just that we didn't get to SEE the cleanup, but ti does feel a little rushed. "Ok, problem solved, let's all go home!" What about examining the remains? Don't they want to learn everything they can about this life form?

I like this episode alright. I like the creepy atmosphere, and I always like Dwight Schultz :) I like the foreshadowing stuff most of all. The "visitor from the past" story is alright. I mean, it's a very interesting idea but it mostly serves as a vehicle for the creepy alien story.

I was surprised to see deaded's comment upthread saying that Franklin hitting on Mariah seemed out of character because it seems entirely IN character to me. That's just what he does, even when it's kind of unprofessional and inappropriate (to be fair, he does but the brakes on here, but he didn't have to let things go that far to begin with!).

Stuff and things:
  • Exactly what is the temperature in Down Below, and why? You see people wearing jackets down there, and gathering around fires. It must be cold. But, why?
  • Heh, Ivanova's been to "the Air and Space Museum". There's probably more than one of those in the universe, and she grew up in Russia, so maybe she's talking about a Russian one, but I'm going to believe that it's the very same one I visit fairly regularly, still in business in the 23rd century :)
  • That's some pretty nice bedding they have in jail. It made me wonder about laundry. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do laundry on B5. Waterless like most of the showers?
  • Not to make fun of something apparently EVERY TV show in the history of ever has done, but who put makeup on Mariah Cirrus when she woke from her cryo sleep? Do we assume that's the first thing she asked for when she woke up, or is it just permanent makeup she got tattood before she left Earth? If the latter, her style fits pretty well with the makeup in use a hundred years later. Good for her! :)
  • G'Kar's unhelpful advice to Mariah ("Go back to the time you came from") is pretty depressing. Not like she has that option.