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EpDis: The Fall Of Centauri Prime

The Fall Of Centauri Prime

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Unless someone votes for something other than "Excellent" I'll just say I gave this one that rating.

It's one of the ultimate "pay off" scenes ever done in science fiction. Londo can't have as easy an out as death or anything. He has to be reduced to... this.
It was probably the most powerful arc story ending of season 5. :)
I can't help but feel sorry for poor Londo dispite all he had done. :(
In my opinion, this was the best season 5 episode. Londo is my favorite character and though he has a truly sad ending, it gives him one of the more developed story arcs.
In my opinion, this was the best season 5 episode.

This one is absolutely one of my all-time favorites! The scenes between Londo and G'kar are just excellent! After everything they had been through... :cool: amazing.

I also thought the scenes between Lennier and Delenn were quite good. My heart just went out to Lennier when he told Delenn that he loved her...and to her for the kind way she acknowledged his feelings.

One more thing: :D Aren't those Keepers creepy? :D How'd you like to have one of those hanging around your neck?!
Yeah, it's neat how when the series began Londo and G'Kar hated each other to the point where they wanted to kill each other. By the end of the series, they weren't quite friends, but they were almost like comrades that accepted and understood each other.
I am new to this site. Just been lurking around for awhile but when I saw this thread, I had to vote and put in a reply. My favorite part was when G'kar was able to forgive Londo. A very touching moment. I remember when I watched that scene between the two of them the first time. Almost brought tears to my eyes. And Londos flashback of what had led him to this point in his life. Very tragic and sad. The best of intentions and all the wrong choices. I voted for excellent. How could anyone vote otherwise.

I think what touched me most was when Londo put his arm on G'Kar's shoulder and lingered like that for a few precious moments.

That hit me for six emotionally.
I can't take that scene seriously at all. The close-ups at that point, the deep emotion on Londo's face, G'Kar's pouting in return, the crescendo in the music, always makes me think they're about to fall into each other's arms and start kissing..
I found that scene believable; under normal circumstances, I would agree that Londo showed a rather high level of emotion. However, he knew that he was taking his last actions as a free man. As Londo himself said, he had all the power he could ever want but no choices at all.
I agree. I found that scene quite believable and perfectly understandable considering the circumstances.
A. Absolutely wonderful episode. Very very heavy, the horrible tragedy of Londo pays off after 5 seasons of setup.
I can't take that scene seriously at all. The close-ups at that point, the deep emotion on Londo's face, G'Kar's pouting in return, the crescendo in the music, always makes me think they're about to fall into each other's arms and start kissing..

lol yeah, it was borderline cheese, but they got away with it before JMS failed to resist hsi usual temptation and go just a line too far...

Best ep of S5 by a mile. I think it's also the first time I've seen "a fate worse than death" played out and been convinced by it.
Wow, what a payoff!! This is B5 arc storytelling at its very best. Nothing is ever isolated, and this war is not new, just a continuation - or an echo - of the Shadow War. The Drakh's statement, that they are "a shadow of a shadow", is fascinating. They have chosen a horrible revenge, and for all we thought that the war of the First Ones was past, we see that "it ain't over till it's over". Alas, there's no fat lady singing to put a final end to it all.

For all his silliness, the Regent has a certain kind of dignity when his end comes. And Londo shows a fatalistic dignity when accepting what he has to do to save his people. Londo's farewell to G'Kar really is touching - we see him genuinely experiencing and displaying emotion, for the last time. His look back at a time with "no power and all choices", compared to "all power and no choice" now, is chilling. I found G'Kar's acknowledgement of their friendship in forgiving him as an individual very touching, as was Londo's rescue of him before that.

It's also interesting to see Londo trying to protect his friends, including Vir. He can't explain to any of them and must allow them to misjudge him without correcting their opinions. And he looks *so* unhappy that no one could help feeling sorry for him. Delenn sees the darkness surrounding him, and he is now completely alone. What a horrible feeling!

Delenn and Lennier's rescue is suspenseful to the very end. And his admission of his love for her in the face of death changes nothing - she already knows that, and gracefully provides him with a way to keep his face.

The drastic measures of reparation and punishment remind me of post-WW I and II actions of the Allies against the Germans, who started the wars.

One statement continues to apply: War advances technology - the destructive kind. That's a rather depressing conclusion.
Well I'm really glad my DVD is apparently only broken on the first episode on this disk, so I was able to watch this without major issues. This is a REALLY great episode. I tend to feel a bit "meh" about season 5 (only in comparison with the great stuff in seasons 3 and 4), but then I watch it and I'm reminded again that there is some excellent stuff in there, too.

There's so much horrible stuff happening, it's just sad all over. You can't but feel bad for Londo, for the regent, for Centauri Prime, for the Alliance, ...

I don't find that scene where G'Kar forgives Londo cheesy,and I sometimes think I have a hair trigger reaction to "cheesy". I find it quite moving. Maybe if I saw it by itself, without context ... But knowing all the back story on the Londo - G'Kar relationship, it's a very important scene.

I guess that goes for the whole episode. It builds on EVERYTHING that comes before, which is what makes Babylon 5 so excellent.

I'm just saying stuff that everyone's already said, so I'll leave it there... except a comment about how Dr. Franklin's little speech about Soviet Union weapons sounds a little weird now, to 2015 ears.
Just watched this one for the first time.

Great episode i'm like holy crap they are bout to light Centauri Prime up like a Christmas Tree! I agree that despite the regent being a bit goofy and grating his end, I did feel bad for him. And poor Londo realizing that he is really just screwed in the end with no way out but to do what he needs to or lose his people/homeworld. And Lennier, saying I love you to Delenn. I felt that her saying she didn't hear was wrong. She knew I think she knew for a while, she could acknowledge that she knows, no need to deny it happened. Who would ask?

Emporer Mollari II, wow! Interesting to see where it goes i'm guessing it ties into World Without End, with imprisoned Sheridan?


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