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EpDis: The Deconstruction Of Falling Stars

The Face Of The Enemy

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I love the off-format episodes and this one was *so* off-format! My favorite segment was the one with the monks.

Yeah, I like the monk segment a lot too, especially the ending revelation that the one monk really is a member of the Rangers. I, of course, also really like seeing the evolved energy form human and accompanying encounter suit.
I'm quite fond of this, especially Garibaldi's last hurrah. And of course the evolved human raises so many possibilities and interesting questions.
I was impressed by the story, but saddened by its topic... of old figures and symbols dragged out to incite animosity... and of taking two steps forward, only to take five steps back.

I don't expect that future to happen. But it was a story which touched my concerns.
Doesn't it mention Babylon 5's destruction in the telepath war in this episode?In the one hundred years on debate.Contradiction on Sherridan going to B5 before it's self destruct.I know somebody will put me right.

Garribaldi,cool as ever :cool:
I gave it a B.
The panel made mention of Sheridan's major Faux Pas letting the Telepaths create a colony on the station, in reference to the Garibaldi Kidnap scene seen in S5 and all the death and destruction, but, no mention of the station blowing up.
Rewatching that segment just now, and there's discussion of the events of the telepath crisis that are seen in season five, and a bare mention that that crisis could be considered to have begun the path that eventually led to the telepath war. But there's no mention of the destruction of B5 in it.
Cheers.As I can't rewatch the episode I wasn't sure.For some reason I had an idea that when it mentioned the telepath war it also mentioned B5 being destroyed.Seemed too big a mistake to be right though.

Hello old friends!

I'm back... couldn't find my login details and my email changed ages ago. So how is the gang?

Reason I posted in this thread is because I'm wondering if anyone can help me find a bigger version of the picture I use as my avatar.

Thanks guys... good to be back!
Reason I posted in this thread is because I'm wondering if anyone can help me find a bigger version of the picture I use as my avatar.

Well, somebody could make a new screencap, and trim it to the correct size.
I thought that they did mention the destruction of the Babylon station at some point in the interview discussion... but it wasn't mentioned in the same context as the Teep War. Off the top of my head, wasn't it when the host was introducing the article? I may also be getting confused with the fascist dude who may have spoken about it whilst gathering the data for his holographic propaganda machine.

I rremember the phrase "destruction of Babylon station" at some point htough.
I thought is was a great episode. One of the best "off format" shows of all time.

And I loved how the news commentator dissing Sheridan early on was made to look just like James Carville (former President Clinton campaign manager and lackey).
I did like the peek into what some of the future holds that came with this episode. Also the chance to see Garibaldi do what he does best one last time.

One thing that I never understood. The Great Burn, how could a space faring race like the humans get thumped by something so much that it put them back into the middle ages? Had Earth sealed itself of from the rest of the galaxy and were the Rangers the only Humans off-world? Not a complaint just really curious.
My understanding is that the other humans that were offworld were the ones that those on Earth were going to blow up, so I guess they just decided to let Earth wallow in its scorched crusty hull of a planet after they blew them up first and then went on about their spacefaring lives.
Thanks vacantlook. I was never sure if the Alwyn segment followed historically from the Daniel/Garibaldi segment. For some reason always felt it was a second war of some sort that was the Great Burn.

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