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EpDis: Shadow Dancing

War Without End Part Two

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I gave a B(+) because I found the cutting back and forth from the battle to Franklin a tad annoying. Other than that slight distraction, this is a stellar episode.
Ooh, this is easy - definately an A. I know what you mean about the cutting between Franklin and the space battle, if you just want to watch the space battle it does get in the way, but I like it as it shows the contrasting personal battle of Franklin and the more epic space battle.

Its not the first time a space battle has been edited like that either, for example the Long Twilight Struggle.

The only bit I wasn't keen on was the rushed explanation of Sheridan's dream. To this day I still don't buy the connection with Bester!
Epic stuff this episode - an A. Like so much on B5, I think a lot of this was due to the build up to that made it so good.

Although I tend to prefer drama over action, I do remember being suitably impressed at the sheer scale of the battle. At that time, I don't ever recall seeeing such a space scene on such a scale with so many ships (maybe the film, but definately not on TV).
The only bit I wasn't keen on was the rushed explanation of Sheridan's dream. To this day I still don't buy the connection with Bester!

It refers to Sheridan and Bester working together to destroy the Shadow's influence on Psi-Corps and thus Psi-Corp's influence on EarthGov via the frozen telepaths.
It also refers to Sheridan using telepaths to disable Shadow ships - Psi Cops are boss teeps.

Yeah, I guess so. Yeah, I can buy that. I think Bester is a bit of a red herring in that respect, because they only really worked with him in two episodes. But yeah, I can see that would be Kosh's way of telling Sheridan about the weapon that exists which he can fight the Shadows with. Its was there in plain sight a whole season before Garibaldi figured it out, all we had to do was decode it!
Gave it an A. One of the few Franklin stories that is enjoyable and well done, and while the space battle felt like it had a few scenes missing (like the Drazi ships)... and though it does feel like the shadow ships get weaker every time we see them, when you consider all the telepaths involved I suppose it makes sense.

And the ending was of course very heavy. It seemed like the end tag of this episode was actually a few minutes longer than in any other episode? Did they rework the pacing of the commercials for this one or is it just my imagination?
Wonderful set up before the big season finale. A+ with cherries on top. :D
Interesting that there is little feeling of victory over the successful ending of the battle in this episode. I guess the losses are too great for any kind of elation. I did like the visual impression the space battle made. The drama of the buildup is excellently done.

I found myself squirming when Franklin was injured - it's easier to handle violence when it's far away and abstract, as in the battle, than when it hits someone close personally. I'm not sure if I agree with his verdict that his walkabout was running away; after all, he did face his problem and handle it as well as he could.

I did enjoy that moment of humour when Ivanova had problems with the Minbari bed and found her own solution. It was a bit of relief in an otherwise very tense episode.

The closing is a real surprise, even though it had previously been seen. After all, you never know just when such a prophecy is fulfilled and don't expect it when it comes.
I like this episode a lot, although I could have done with perhaps slightly less "Franklin finding himself". I'm just sort of impatient to get back to the big important battle. I think that the first time I watched it, it might have been the other way around. I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to find out if Franklin was going to live or die. But now that I know he's going to live, I'm just impatient with him being mad at himself ... Which is odd, because I know how the OTHER battle ends up, as well :p

I like the scenes with Marcus and Ivanova on the White Star. Marcus thinks he is being subtle, and what he actually says to Ivanova in Minbari is pretty cheesy, I guess, but I still like it. I also enjoy Ivanova's trouble with the tilted Minbari beds, and, as Estelyn noted, seeing her come up with her own solution to the problem.

The big battle looks cool, and I like the gorgeous backdrop. That's a nice touch. It looks like the scenes of the Minbari telepaths jamming the Shadow ships are the exact same scenes from Walkabout, but I suppose that's also what it would look like if you had the same actors in the same set act out a bit that involves them lying there and blinking their eyes a bit :p

I love seeing the whole fleet of White Stars doing their thing, being all agile and powerful and stuff. It's sad to see all the broken ones hanging about on the "battlefield" afterwards :-/

I'm pretty much resigned to never understanding that dream Sheridan had, or even the explanation he and the others try to come up with for it, here. I also don't understand why the Vorlons insist on being so cryptic. What's the point of sending this message if the recipient can't figure it out? A side note about that scene: Ivanova seems unconcerned that Sheridan just blabbed about her being a latent telepath, in front of Delenn, but also in his rather open and non-secure office (there are no doors, and in previous episodes, people have frequently walked in unannounced). I guess she feels she can trust Delenn, but telling her should have been Ivanova's choice, not Sheridan's .. Perhaps Ivanova already told her?

Minbari ritual: I'm surprised with the "when Minbari become close as we have become close" ritual. Not surprised that there IS a ritual. That's exactly the sort of thing you'd expect from Minbari. But that there's such strict gender roles in this ritual. The Minbari don't seem to have strict gender roles at all. Male and female Minbari wear the same clothes and everything. So, this is odd, to me. Also, I would like to know how this ritual is supposed to go in relationships that aren't male/female.

The "Anna Sheridan arrives" bit: I have sort of the same problem with this I did with Morden in "In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum". Why is she able to just walk onto the station with a functional ID if she is supposed to be dead? In this case, though, some kind of alert must have gone out, because security is aware that she is there ... Unless maybe Zack just happened to see her name? Presumably there is more than one Anna Sheridan in the universe. Also, why is she able to just walk into Sheridan's quarters? Left the door unlocked? Doors are weird on B5. They can apparently sense when you want to walk through them and open automatically.

But, aside from the minor details about her arrival, I like the Anna Sheridan plot twist.
Franklin and the battle weren't actually intercut THAT much, the meat of his scenes was intercut with Ivanova/Marcus and the Shadow scout. Its only his actually finding help that's mixed with the battle and its fairly brief.

Franklin meeting himself is IMHO the characters best scene in the whole series, up there with some of the Londo/G'Kar scenes as the best of the whole series for me.

I would agree the vision is something that didn't seem to be followed though on with as much importance as expected, Maybe Andrea Thompson leaving altered the plans for the Corps involvement in the story in the 3rd season and originally the vision would have been more of a guide somehow?

From Kosh's perspective I spose you could argue the vision was more of a time delayed message, give Sheridan the info he needs incase he(Kosh) isn't around anymore in a fashion that means it will only be understoof at the correct time?

I would say it certainly proves useful as it allows Sheridan to know just whats coming from the Shadows, not just that there looking to trick him and kill/capture him but that his opposite number is looking to meet him.

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