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EpDis: Phoenix Rising

Learning Curve

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I actually voted A because while I can get tired of the leadup to the final confrontation with Byron, I do like the confrontation. I also like the stuff between Garibaldi and Bester.
Of all the episodes to feature Byron and his 'cult', I think this is the best one. The Garibaldi/Bester 'Asimov' scene is good, as are the scenes with Garibaldi held hostage in medlab. Was glad Byron died, this episode really showed how pathetic he was. And at least it did something for Lyta's character. Ah, well, from this point on its back to the good stuff.
I would have given it an "A," but I like Byron, and didn't like how his death was handled. :p :p :p

What? Exploding and burning wasn't enough for you? :) You wanted him hanged, drawn and quartered? :D



Disintegrated, like Jason Ironheart did to Ms. Kelsey. :devil: :devil: :devil:
No give him to a feeder!

No, then there would be a body left for Lyta to pine over.

Disintegrate him, ...down to the <u>subatomic level!</u> :devil: :devil: :devil:

Byron was a fly in the ointment. The monkey in the wrench. The pain in the ass. Should I stop now?

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